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Upcoming Acubiz app – the final touch in Minsk

Acubiz is in Minsk to make the final editing of our upcoming Acubiz app. CTO – Kristian Norrbohm, Developer – Susanne T. Perlman and Tester, Anette Olsen are together with our app developers, Altoros. By the end of this month, the new app will be presented at our Release Seminars in Hørsholm and Skanderborg.    

New support consultant

Merete Hjelmer Kvist is our new support consultant in Acubiz. It’s a pleasure to us and our customers to strenghten our support team with another employee. Merete has great experience within support, software development and administration. DataLøn and Breakoutimage had the pleasure of Merete’s qualifications – now it is our turn to enjoy the company […]

Bringing Acubiz’ apps to the next level

This autumn, Acubiz will launch a new app, and more than 117,000 users worldwide are going to get the new mobile application under their skin. Altoros—a software delivery company and an early adopter of emerging, innovative technologies—shared its vision of mobile development, its evolution, and a strategy to bring Acubiz mobile apps to the next […]

Q3 – The prototype of our new Acubiz app is ready!

Like many other companies, summer can be a little calm due to the summer holidays. Q3 has been a quarter where we have managed to reach another milestone. Our prototype of our new and upcoming app is ready. Internally, we have expanded with two new employees – and the search for new profiles continues… The […]

New employee for our IT-operations department!

Mikkel Due Garbov – IT-operations consultant In Acubiz, we are happy to welcome Mikkel Due Garbov as our new IT-operations consultant. The 1st of August is Mikkel’s first day and he will be a part of our IT-operations department. Earlier, Mikkel has experiences as a IT-system consultant and an education from TEC Copenhagen. Some of […]

Single Sign-On (SSO) – a guarantee for high security

Acubiz’ focus on security is essential – especially seen through the light of hacker attacks against companies lately. Customers show interest in our Single Sign-On service, which is a guarantee for high security, says Peter Salling, IT Manager at Acubiz: “The Single Sign-On service is a centralized log-in, which means that users only need to […]

New product videos in the air

In relation to Acubiz’ latest release in May 2017, we have produced new product videos. Now, the videos are updated and aligned with the new features. The following videos are available at our website and at Acubiz’ Youtube channel – AcubizTV: Acubiz EMS Acubiz Capture Acubiz Mileage Acubiz Approve Fast Track We hope you enjoy […]

Q2 – a quarter with many product news!

The past three months in Acubiz contain news regarding our products and two exciting days with our customers. Q2 emcompasses new initiatives, which will continue in Acubiz’ third quarter of 2017.   Q2 in results Proudly, Acubiz can announce that several new customers and users have signed up for our Acubiz EMS solution this quarter. Many […]

Customers welcome Acubiz’ new service within refund of VAT

Lately, Acubiz launched a new service within VAT recovery. This service helps Acubiz’ customers reclaiming foreign VAT paid on travel expenses. The outlook for potentially large refunds is promising. VAT recovery is a supplement to Acubiz’ core business, based on customer data Acubiz is already in possession of. Martin Bencher Group Martin Bencher Group is […]