Customers welcome Acubiz’ new service within refund of VAT

Lately, Acubiz launched a new service within VAT recovery. This service helps Acubiz’ customers reclaiming foreign VAT paid on travel expenses. The outlook for potentially large refunds is promising. VAT recovery is a supplement to Acubiz’ core business, based on customer data Acubiz is already in possession of.

Martin Bencher Group

Martin Bencher Group is one of Acubiz’ customers. The company is among the first Acubiz will help claiming back foreign VAT. According to CFO at Martin Bencher Group, Dorthe Skovgaard, signing a contract was an easy going:

“We heard about Acubiz’ new service at Acubiz’ Release Seminar lately, and we believe it is a very good way to get more out of our collaboration. Acubiz has all our data. Moving forward we don’t need to use any resources on foreign VAT recovery”, says Dorthe Skovgaard.

Acubiz has entered a strategic collaboration with the company Cash Back representing almost 30 years of experience in international VAT. By combining the two companies’ data technology much of the tedious work to recover the foreign VAT on travel expenses has been automated. The customers will get the VAT back without any additional administrative work.


Tomas Guldberg, CFO at Pindstrup, has also welcomed Acubiz’ new service within VAT recovery. Previously, Pindstrup has tried to claim back foreign VAT, but the refund did not measure up to the time spend on the task:

“We handled all expense receipts manually and spent too much time. Through the collaboration with Acubiz we will receive the VAT refunds without hiring more employees. Acubiz had the right solution at the right time. After talking with the Cash Back company there was no uncertainty left”, says Tomas Guldberg.