Upcoming Acubiz app – the final touch in Minsk

Acubiz is in Minsk to make the final editing of our upcoming Acubiz app.

CTO – Kristian Norrbohm, Developer – Susanne T. Perlman and Tester, Anette Olsen are together with our app developers, Altoros.

By the end of this month, the new app will be presented at our Release Seminars in Hørsholm and Skanderborg.



New support consultant

Merete Hjelmer Kvist is our new support consultant in Acubiz. It’s a pleasure to us and our customers to strenghten our support team with another employee. Merete has great experience within support, software development and administration. DataLøn and Breakoutimage had the pleasure of Merete’s qualifications – now it is our turn to enjoy the company of Merete.

Bringing Acubiz’ apps to the next level

This autumn, Acubiz will launch a new app, and more than 117,000 users worldwide are going to get the new mobile application under their skin. Altoros—a software delivery company and an early adopter of emerging, innovative technologies—shared its vision of mobile development, its evolution, and a strategy to bring Acubiz mobile apps to the next level. Acubiz collaborates with partners who secure use of the newest technology and trends, but relate critically to the development.

Read here our interview with Dzimitryi Kotau, Head of mobile development, Altoros.

It is only about ten years ago since Apple launched the first mobile app. Today, millions of apps are available and people all over the world use them for many purposes. Generally speaking, how have apps “evolved” from the beginning till now?

At the beginning, mobile apps were very simple and couldn’t do much – just a small number of daily tasks. In many cases, such a limited number of tasks was determined by performance of mobile devices and restrictions of mobile platforms in terms of public interfaces for third-party engineers. Nowadays, applications are smart and complex. They can help in many business domains and many aspects of users’ life. It’s now easy to manage bank accounts, plan trips or hospital appointments or take a taxi right from a mobile app. Applications can process photos and videos in real time, work with 3D graphics, augmented and virtual reality, analyze big amount of data using machine learning algorithms, etc. In a manner, mobile apps are as powerful as PC apps. However, mobile devices are always at hand, which helped them to replace PCs in many ways.

Do users of mobile apps get less or more critical to functionality and user experience with the rise of different apps in their everyday lives?

Definitely more. Due to a huge number of different available solutions, users become more and more critical to what they see. But it’s not only about features. In the very beginning, every product team wanted to add as much functionality as possible, but today this trend is left behind. Now user experience takes the first place. Users want to see fast apps with simple interface and minimum set of basic features to solve their problems. All the required information should be accessed within a few taps. The unofficial slogan of mobile apps is “right here, right now.” They should be adapted to use them on the go, should be “lightweight,” and save user’s time on daily operations.

How does Altoros work with user experience (UX) and/or user interface (UI)?

Altoros follows the latest guidelines from Apple and Google in terms of UI/UX. For Android, it is Material Design, for iOS – Human Interface Guidelines. We also ensure proper application of the main principles of human-centered design. If we receive just a raw idea from our customers, we try to clarify it first using sketches and mock-ups, since UI and UX are the key points for mobile apps. After this stage is complete, we create graphic design for the entire application (or the main screen, if the rest of the screens are similar). It’s a common practice for the company to have a few review cycles with our customers and representatives of their target audience – in order to make sure that all the preferences are taken into account.

Are there any difference between designing a new app and redesigning the existing one?

If an app is developed from scratch, it gives more freedom in terms of architecture, but it’s a little bit harder from the UI/UX perspective, since it’s going to be the first “contact” with the target audience of a product. A success of this first experience frequently determines the future of the solution, whether people will continue to use it after the first launch or not. On the other hand, redesigning means that there is already some feedback related to what doesn’t work properly or should be improved, what is clear and what is not, etc. In this case, it’s possible to work with at least some real statistics and rethink UI/UX based on a feedback from users. At the same time, redesigning affects not only general impression and user’s feelings, but a technical part, as well. In this regard, it requires additional efforts from a development team to keep the code clean and not to accumulate a “technical debt.” So, yes, there is a difference between these two cases, in both technical and UI/UX aspects.

Can you say that all users are totally different in their experience with an app or most people are really common in their understanding of the “ease of use”?

Despite the fact that all people are different and individual, most of them have subconscious common understanding of the “ease of use.” One of the main goals of a product team and, specifically, a UI/UX expert is to feel deeply and identify how this simplicity can be implemented in a view of transitions, controls, combination of colors, etc. Speaking about the key points of success, we would highlight the self-explanatory look and expected behavior.

Do you believe that mobile apps are “the right answer to growth” for all industries both within B2B and B2C?

In general, a mobile app is a great tool for expanding business and delivering services to end clients directly. They simplify business processes and help to sell more. Entertainment, healthcare, logistics, banking, retail, and many other industries can increase their revenue, if they know how to use the power of mobile solutions. We can say that mobile apps are a new way of efficient marketing today.

Q3 – The prototype of our new Acubiz app is ready!

Like many other companies, summer can be a little calm due to the summer holidays. Q3 has been a quarter where we have managed to reach another milestone. Our prototype of our new and upcoming app is ready. Internally, we have expanded with two new employees – and the search for new profiles continues…

The new Acubiz app

Soon, the great Acubiz news this fall is ready to enrich our customers. For a long time, we have been working on a new Acubiz app, whose purpose is to make the Expense Management process even more smooth.Now, we have the prototype of the new app, which has many new and valuable features. The Acubiz app will be launched in October in addition to our Release Seminars, which are taking place 30th and 31st in Hørsholm and Skanderborg.

App development in Minsk

For the development of our new Acubiz app, we’ve made a collaboration with a global firm within software development with head quarter in Minsk. In Q3, our CTO, Kristian Norrbohm and our developer, Susanne Termark Perlman have been travelling to Minsk to take part in the project and development process of the new app.

Huge interest in VAT refund

This spring, we introduced our latest service within foreign VAT reclaiming and our corporation with Cash Back. The service helps our customers reclaiming their foreign VAT. A process which to many companies is unmanageable, long and downsized.

Since the launch of this service, we have experienced huge interest from our customers. It is a pleasure for Acubiz to witness the joy of our customers, when they get their money refunded.

New employees

Time doesn’t go slow in Acubiz. We are busy and therefore we are expanding again with two new employees.

In August 2017, we hired a young man for our IT department. Mikkel Due Garbov is our new IT consultant, who is working together with our IT Manager Peter Salling and IT consultant, Rene Elgaard. Acubiz’ IT department is managing our customers data and the internal IT-functions in Acubiz.

The need to strengthen our organization doesn’t end here. Right now, we are looking for a Technical Project Manager. Within the nearest future we will search for an implementation consultant to strengthen enrollment of more customers to our Acubiz EMS.

Half-yearly accounts in 2017

The financial results from first half-year in 2017 are ready. We are pleased to see an increase of 34% in revenue. The greatest pleasure is to witness the increasing numbers of customers who choose our Expense Management Solution as their preferred solution within optimization.

Photo: Susanne Termark Perlman – Sky Tower, Minsk

New Acubiz app and other news in Acubiz R6.7 are being presented October 30th and 31st 2017

Acubiz will present our new product – the Acubiz app, and other news in connection with the upcoming Acubiz EMS release. Put the day of now!

Product presentation and workshops with topics like integration, search and BI, Company Policy Manager and the new Acubiz app will happen the following dates:

Monday 30 October 2017
Søhuset, Hørsholm

Tuesday 31 October 2017
Skanderborg Park, Skanderborg

Further information about the agenda, workshops and registration will follow soon!

Product presentation and workshops is an event for our customers and other companies and organizations focusing on optimization on Expense Management processes.
The release seminars are in Danish.

If you have any questions, please contant Alan Lustü at alu@acubiz.com

Did you secure your company’s refund of foreign VAT with Cash Back?

New employee for our IT-operations department!

Mikkel Due Garbov – IT-operations consultant

In Acubiz, we are happy to welcome Mikkel Due Garbov as our new IT-operations consultant. The 1st of August is Mikkel’s first day and he will be a part of our IT-operations department. Earlier, Mikkel has experiences as a IT-system consultant and an education from TEC Copenhagen. Some of Mikkels functions in Acubiz is intern IT-support, test and integration of new software etc. Acubiz gives a warm welcome to Mikkel.

Single Sign-On (SSO) – a guarantee for high security

Acubiz’ focus on security is essential – especially seen through the light of hacker attacks against companies lately. Customers show interest in our Single Sign-On service, which is a guarantee for high security, says Peter Salling, IT Manager at Acubiz:

The Single Sign-On service is a centralized log-in, which means that users only need to log-in the first time – consequently, the employee has direct access to the system all the time. This means that your Acubiz EMS will be even more easy to use. All communication between the company’s and Acubiz’ servers occurs through the Internet but through encrypted connections with a guarantee for high security.

Save half an hour a week

The fact that Acubiz EMS will work faster is a practical benefit – another benefit is saved time. And time is money:

Commonly it is agreed, that you use half an hour a week to log into IT-systems you use often. In a big company with several thousand users the hours saved with Single Sign-On are therefore many!  A lot of our big companies have realized these benefits. Today we have 41.000 users of Single Sign-On”, says Peter.

The Single Sign-On service is an add on to the Acubiz EMS standard solution, and the service needs to be maintained annually to keeping up the high security. In return, the service is quite easy to install with help from Acubiz’ guidelines. The only requirement of your system is a Microsoft ADFS (Active Directory Federation Service).

Read more about our Single Sign-On service or contact Account Manager Alan Lustü, mobile: 3038 3953, e-mail: alu@acubiz.com.

New product videos in the air

In relation to Acubiz’ latest release in May 2017, we have produced new product videos. Now, the videos are updated and aligned with the new features.

The following videos are available at our website and at Acubiz’ Youtube channel – AcubizTV:

  • Acubiz EMS
  • Acubiz Capture
  • Acubiz Mileage
  • Acubiz Approve
  • Fast Track

We hope you enjoy the videos. If you need more detailed information about the products funktionality, you are always welcome to contact us at +45 70 214 215 or send an e-mail: support@acubiz.com

Q2 – a quarter with many product news!

The past three months in Acubiz contain news regarding our products and two exciting days with our customers. Q2 emcompasses new initiatives, which will continue in Acubiz’ third quarter of 2017.


Q2 in results
Proudly, Acubiz can announce that several new customers and users have signed up for our Acubiz EMS solution this quarter. Many companies have focus on optimization of processes and employee expenses – and it is a pleasure that our products and co-operations contribute to measurable results at our customers.

Acubiz Express for small companies
“In Acubiz, we have experienced a need of a simpler Expense Management solution with focus on mileage and expenses. With Acubiz Express we offer a simple and app-based solution targeted companies with few users” says Lars De Nully, CEO at Acubiz.

Acubiz Express was launched the 1st of April 2017 with a beneficial campaign price – for the benefit of small companies with few users who requires an easy and user-friendly solution.

New service: Automated refund of foreign VAT
In Q2, Acubiz has launched a new service within refund of foreign VAT. We have made a collaboration with Cash Back which is an expert within VAT refund. Now, we can help our customers with this heavy process it is to claim back foreign VAT. Acubiz already have the needed data from our customers to claim back their VAT. Therefore, it is a clear-cut for us to make this collaboration and offer this solution to our customers.

New product videos
Acubiz has updated our product videos of Acubiz EMS and our apps. Now, they are aligned with the new updates regarding our latest Acubiz release. The videos are available in Danish and English at our website and at our Youtube channel – AcubizTV.

Inspiring days with release seminars & workshops
In the middle of May, Acubiz invited our customers to release seminars in Skanderborg and in Hørsholm. We introduced our new product upgrades in Acubiz EMS and our apps. Thank you for two inspiring days to the 248 customers who participated at the seminars.

Also, Acubiz held tree workshops on some of our services within our product Acubiz EMS. For example, a workshop about our latest service – VAT refund – and our upcoming service – Business Intelligence (BI). The main purpose with the workshops were to make sure that our customers profit by Acubiz – and to get inputs on how we can continue developing services customized for our customers’ needs.

Security above all
A high security level is important to Acubiz and our customers. We keep abreast of the upcoming ordinance within personal data in May 2018. Acubiz has a team with dedicated employees, who ensure that Acubiz accommodate demands and remarks.

Acubiz have an ISAE 3402 type 1 certification, which gives our customers an impartial guarantee of our customers security of information regarding Acubiz’ IT-operations. Next step is to get our ISAE 3402 type 2 certification.

Acubiz’ sponsorship for Danish athletes
Acubiz engages in sports, which is why we support several young talents at various levels within golf, gymnastics and trial. As a company, we want to help these talents to stay focused and develop.

Internal news
Acubiz has extended our organisation with two new employees. Tina Birkeslund, who is our Chief Accountant and Lone Tjustrup Olufsen in our marketing department.


Acubiz wishes a good summer!

Customers welcome Acubiz’ new service within refund of VAT

Lately, Acubiz launched a new service within VAT recovery. This service helps Acubiz’ customers reclaiming foreign VAT paid on travel expenses. The outlook for potentially large refunds is promising. VAT recovery is a supplement to Acubiz’ core business, based on customer data Acubiz is already in possession of.

Martin Bencher Group

Martin Bencher Group is one of Acubiz’ customers. The company is among the first Acubiz will help claiming back foreign VAT. According to CFO at Martin Bencher Group, Dorthe Skovgaard, signing a contract was an easy going:

“We heard about Acubiz’ new service at Acubiz’ Release Seminar lately, and we believe it is a very good way to get more out of our collaboration. Acubiz has all our data. Moving forward we don’t need to use any resources on foreign VAT recovery”, says Dorthe Skovgaard.

Acubiz has entered a strategic collaboration with the company Cash Back representing almost 30 years of experience in international VAT. By combining the two companies’ data technology much of the tedious work to recover the foreign VAT on travel expenses has been automated. The customers will get the VAT back without any additional administrative work.


Tomas Guldberg, CFO at Pindstrup, has also welcomed Acubiz’ new service within VAT recovery. Previously, Pindstrup has tried to claim back foreign VAT, but the refund did not measure up to the time spend on the task:

“We handled all expense receipts manually and spent too much time. Through the collaboration with Acubiz we will receive the VAT refunds without hiring more employees. Acubiz had the right solution at the right time. After talking with the Cash Back company there was no uncertainty left”, says Tomas Guldberg.