Upgraded Acubiz apps with new features!

Now it is possible to download the latest versions of Acubiz apps; Capture, Mileage and Approve. The new versions contain new and user-friendly features, which is for the benefit of our customers – they will make it easier for our users. The new features are described below.


New features

Capture 5.0.0

  • Possible to add more than one picture per registration
  • Possible to receive a new password
  • Possible to process registrations from the list of Untreated
  • Support of multiple new languages (Swedish, Norwegian and German

Mileage 2.3.0

  • Integration with Google Maps during manual mileage entry
  • Registration number is available upon entry
  • Registration number from Acubiz EMS is set as default during new mileage registration

Approve 2.0.0

  • Possible to approve settlements and requisitions
  • Possible to approve more than one attachment at a time
  • Authentications filter on dimensions
  • Mandatory comments are shown in the over view – not only at attachments
  • Improved notification in connection to approval/decline

Download the new versions in your app store.


Big attendance at Acubiz Release Seminars



Tuesday the 16th and Wednesday the 19th of May 2017 Acubiz launched our latest version of the Acubiz EMS – R6.6! The events were arranged at Søhuset Conference Center in Hørsholm and at Skanderborg Park in Skanderborg and the attendance and engagement among our customers was a pleasure. Our Acubiz employees enjoyed the opportunity to get into a close and personal dialogue with our customers.

The days started with breakfast hence to get the opportunity to greet with one another and to give some room for networking. CEO of Acubiz – Lars de Nully – was our speaker and started the days with a short insight in Acubiz’ accomplishments in 2016 and our future goals for 2017.

Acubiz EMS R6.6

The presentation of the upcoming changes and new steps with Acubiz EMS R6.6. The common factor for our upgrades is to give Finance and Administration improved clarity e.g. with a new and improved menu structure and the opportunity to search directly in dimensions, accounts and users. If you need to create a new user you can just copy a profile from an existing user from Acubiz EMS. Furthermore, we have upgraded the integration – among others the possibility of exporting accounting files directly into Dataløn. R6.6 offers many valuable upgrades in the advantage of our customers.

2Secure visited with a presentation about their solution within security – especially with a focus on well-travelled employees.

Acubiz ended the seminar with a talk about our future products and our goal of gathering all our apps into one app. Simplicity and effective expense reporting is the for now and the future which is why we’re reaching for innovative ways to help our customers – and future customers. Every user and approver with Acubiz EMS should only use one app for their expense reporting.


As something new we invited our customers to join three workshops based on our services for Acubiz EMS and our upcoming product – Business Intelligence which we will launch this fall. The number of participants was impressive and we were really satisfied with the outcome of these workshops. The workshops were a method to spare with our customers and get to know their needs and expectations. It was also a way to introduce our customers to our services so they may get the opportunity to optimise their Acubiz EMS – and fit their solution even better to their needs. Likewise, these small groups were a way to get to know our customers even better and to get the chance to get into a more personal dialogue.

It is a pleasure to get the opportunity to get in touch with our customers through a personal dialogue. The occasion to gather up with our customers is very appreciated while this creates and maintain our positive relations to our customers and gives a great output.

Thank you for two positive and successful Release Seminars in Hørsholm and Skanderborg!

If you aren’t already using Acubiz EMS to optimize your workflow within Expense Management, you can read more about our Acubiz EMS and sign up right here.

New Acubiz Approve release

Acubiz Approve 1.8 is now ready for download. Among various new features the app now allows you to approve expense reports. Read more

Acubiz Capture 4.7 is ready for download

In Acubiz we can now present a new version of our Acubiz Capture app – version 4.7, which is ready to be downloaded. This updated version includes some changes which can be beneficial to our users and more user friendly.

  • The user can now decide if the latest country or currency used, recurs on the coming receipt
  • Optimisation of receipt recognition
  • When a transaction is completed, the user will receive a notification
  • Optimisation in general and minor bug fixes has been resolved

Returned from a rewarding participation at KØF 2017

2017 began with Acubiz participation at Municipal Economic Forum (KØF) in Aalborg Kongress & Kultur Center on the 12. and 13. January. CSO Kim Pawrup and Sales Manager Kim Valentin Andersen were sent to represent Acubiz at KØF and to meet with Mayors, City Managers and Economy Managers to talk about economy and optimization.

Acubiz participated as an invited supplier. Our primary purpose was to present Acubiz and not least demonstrate our products to the country’s municipalities and get them to see the possibilities in our expense management solutions. We also had the opportunity to exchange experiences with other suppliers at the conference.

The conference made a favourable framework to meet existing and potential customers to a more in-depth and productive dialogue with a high yield for Acubiz. We acquired more knowledge about the needs and challenges of municipalities. Likewise, we confirmed their criteria for our own products and development. We were among others confirmed that our efforts to get the most commonly used ERP systems such as KMD integrated into our products is the way forward for Acubiz cooperation with the country’s municipalities. We were in dialogue with many relevant customers who all saw the possibilities in our products and liked our demonstrations.

Acubiz’ participation at KØF have been an extremely rewarding and joyful experience. It is probably not the last time that Acubiz participates at KØF.

Acubiz presents gift checks totaling 20,000 kr. for Natteravnene Rudersdal and Skjold Gymnastikforening

In early January, Acubiz handed Rudersdals Business Award for ‘Year’s Best Business Idea’ of Rudersdal Erhvervs- & Vækstråd. As a company in Rudersdal Municipality, we are proud that Rudersdal Commerce and growth council has chosen us for this price.

We regard this as a great recognition that we as a company provides a service in expense management, which is to the benefit of many – including Rudersdal municipality where our headquarter is located. With the price were a cash gift totaling 10,000 kr., which we appreciate. However, we choose to double the amount to 20,000 kr and give the money for a better cause. Acubiz want the money to be for the benefit of associations in Rudersdal, which we think contributes very positively to a healthy environment in the municipality. Acubiz has chosen to donate the money to Natteravnene in Rudersdal and Skjold Gymnastikforening, as they make a great and valuable contribution to Rudersdal children and young people – and as thanks and recognition of the many volunteers who sets the framework for good and healthy environment in Rudersdal.

The 24’th of January Acubiz ‘CEO Lars de Nully were pleased to hand a gift check of 10,000 kr. to the chairman of Natteravnene – Anne Mejding as recognition for creating a safe environment in nightlife of ‘Rudersdal. Likewise, Lars enjoyable handed out a gift check of 10.000 kr. to chairman Tina Morell Nielsen from Skjold Gymnastikforening, which with great dedication helps to create a safe and active environment in Rudersdal municipality where children and young people can move and unfold.

Many people showed up to attend the ceremony of the two gift checks, as Lars de Nully handed the two presidents.

Acubiz welcome three new employees!

Acubiz starts the year with three new profiles. Implementation Consultant Dorthe Gotthold Nielsen started in early January and will strengthen our customer relations team. Our sales and marketing department strengthened with two new employees – Patrick Winther as an intern in sales and Cecilie Forsberg Andersen as digital communication and marketing coordinator in marketing.

Patrick Winther has a bachelor in economics from Oklahoma State University and Colorado State University, which has given Patrick competencies in micro- and macroeconomics, statistics, money and banking and international trade. Alongside studies and from childhood, Patrick played golf and today he is professional. Patrick is a part of our sales team as an intern, where he contributes to the implementation of Acubiz’ new CRM system, budgeting and categorization of existing as well as new customers.

Cecilie Forsberg Andersen has a master in communications from Aalborg University with focus on branding and strategic communications. During and subsequently Cecilie acquired useful and practical experience in digital marketing, communication and SoMe. She also has experience with B2C, B2B and member communications. Cecilie is employed as a communications and marketing coordinator and will among others manage Acubiz’ digital platform with focus on sales and lead generation.

Dorthe Gotthold Nielsen is the newest employee within customer relations. Dorthe is employed as a consultant and helps Acubiz’ to ensure effective and smooth implementation of our expense management service. From previous positions Dorthe has a solid knowledge within project management, coaching, social selling, networking and customer service, which we will look forward to take great pleasure of in Acubiz.

Acubiz wishes customers, partners and friends a Happy New Year

2016 has been a quite exciting year at Acubiz. A year where 125 new customers signed up for Acubiz Expense Management. And 40,000 new users have been introduced to Acubiz EMS.

Streamlining and automation are of course great priorities and criteria for success to our product portfolio at any time. In the past year, especially Acubiz Fast Track has been a preferred service – reducing the time spend on a total transaction flow is a great focus to both existing as well as new customers. With a continuously focus on developing our apps as well as launching our Acubiz Approve app in 2016 we proudly succeeded in our goal of creating even more value to our users.

Another success we achieved in 2016 was the conclusion of several exiting cooperation agreements. This with the aim to provide our customers with an even better service and achieved value of Acubiz Expense Management. Among others, an agreement with Cashback will make it possible to provide our customer with a service, which supports the process of VAT refund. This service will be launched during 2017. More on this very soon!

In January 2016 we moved to new and larger offices. And due to our success with Acubiz Expense Management we have doubled the number of employees within the past year. Currently, we are 30 dedicated employees working within product development, implementation, operations and sales.

We look forward to another exciting year in 2017 – with existing and new customers, new partners and launches of new services from Acubiz.

Happy New Year from Team Acubiz!

Team Acubiz expands

Due to increased activities Acubiz has expanded the organisation in Q4 2016. IT consultant René Elgaard and Philip Ulveman Juel-Berg, intern sales, has joined Team Acubiz to strengthen IT operations as well as sales activities, respectively.

René Elgaard has a solid experience within particularly Lotus Notes and Domino – including operations, infrastructure and documentation. Most recently, René has worked as an independent consultant and has also achieved many years of experience at INOPI, Amadeus and Origin UK Ltd. among others – this supplemented by freelance assignments for eg Sony, Alea London Ltd. and Elkraft Systems a.m.b.a. René is employed as an IT consultant and is part of our team to ensure the operations of our customers.

Philip Ulveman Juel-Berg has a bachelor degree in economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder – this with primary focus on microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, money & banking and international trade. During his stay in the US, Philip played professional golf and was represented in the role as captain on the golf team during 2 years. After returning to Denmark in the summer 2016 Philip has continued his career as a professional golfer. At Acubiz Philip’s primary role as intern in sales is to contribute to budgeting, categorization clients and new leads as well as implementation of a new CRM system.

We are happy to have our two new coworkers on board!

5 good reasons to embrace digitalization in your company

DigitalizationCompanies today have optimization and digitalization of internal processes high on their list of priorities – and the same is true when companies look at how to make services aimed at customers more efficient. More and more companies are embracing digital strategies, and thereby taking advantage of opportunities for streamlining their processes.

However, there is still room for improvement – business models need to be challenges and traditional ways of doing things must be revised in order to keep up to date. The digital movement has great advantages and companies who understand how to exploit it to their advantage can achieve significant savings, increased productivity and better insight into their data. But there are even more good reasons to choose to embrace the digital movement. Acubiz has compiled a list of 5 reasons why increased focus on digitalization is an important step to company growth.

1.   Digitalize or risk being left behind.

In order to stay relevant in an ever changing market, it is important to stay up to date with customer demands as well as market evolution. The digital race is becoming ever more competitive and companies risk being left behind if they do not evolve and keep up with the digital developments. Many companies have already learned this the hard way. Pierre Nanterme, CEO of Accenture says that digital is the main reason that over half of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared off the list since year 2000. Read more in the article “Digital disruption has only just begun”.

2.    Make workflow more efficient with digital services

Companies today are requesting tools to ease administration while increasing efficiency, more than ever before. Digitalization is unavoidable in this quest. Digital services eliminate unnecessary processing and time wasted as well as solving tasks faster and with fewer errors.

“Increased digitization can make companies more productive and enhance competitiveness” says Danish Minister for Growth and Business Troels Lund Poulsen in a press release and points to the study “Report on Growth and Competitiveness” that shows that higher productivity, more cost efficient processes and fewer errors in production are among the advantages of digitization.

3.    Focus on skills and core services

Several studies point to a positive correlation between productivity and digitization – e.g. the study “ICT, Innovation and Productivity Growth“, made for the Danish Business Authority, which has shown that productivity grows on average 2,4 percentage points faster in companies who focus on digitalization.

This is due, in part, to the fact that manual typing takes time, costs money and removes focus from companies’ core services. Leaving manual typing and other laborious processes to technology frees up employees’ time – time they can spend on optimizing customer relations, sales and other activities that create growth.

4.    More control and better insight

Transparency is a central concept in digitalization because companies gain more control over, and insight into processes and data as well as the tools to analyze these. This is why tech- and business analyst Jan Horsager says that transparency is the core of digital and that it gives an invaluable insight which, when used correctly, can become a significant source for innovation. Read more in Danish here.

Here at Acubiz, our experience is that customers achieve more control and insight by using digital services. Read more about how Louis Poulsen made their processes surrounding expense management more effective here.

5. Electronic documents do not fade!

According to the Danish Accounting Law, companies must retain documentation for at least 5 years, however documentation can legally be stored electronically! And there are advantages to doing just that. Physical receipts fade quickly, the text becomes unintelligible, they get lost easily and take up a lot of space in the archives. Retaining documents electronically makes them easy to retrieve and ensures that they are readable! To learn more about the laws for document retention in the EU, read the report “European Document Retention Guide”.

Want to know more?

Do you want to learn more about what digitalizing your expense management processes could mean for your company? Please call CEO Lars de Nully at +45 30 38 39 50 or CSO Kim Pawrup at +45 28 11 13 36.