Q2 – a quarter with many product news!

The past three months in Acubiz contain news regarding our products and two exciting days with our customers. Q2 emcompasses new initiatives, which will continue in Acubiz’ third quarter of 2017.


Q2 in results
Proudly, Acubiz can announce that several new customers and users have signed up for our Acubiz EMS solution this quarter. Many companies have focus on optimization of processes and employee expenses – and it is a pleasure that our products and co-operations contribute to measurable results at our customers.

Acubiz Express for small companies
“In Acubiz, we have experienced a need of a simpler Expense Management solution with focus on mileage and expenses. With Acubiz Express we offer a simple and app-based solution targeted companies with few users” says Lars De Nully, CEO at Acubiz.

Acubiz Express was launched the 1st of April 2017 with a beneficial campaign price – for the benefit of small companies with few users who requires an easy and user-friendly solution.

New service: Automated refund of foreign VAT
In Q2, Acubiz has launched a new service within refund of foreign VAT. We have made a collaboration with Cash Back which is an expert within VAT refund. Now, we can help our customers with this heavy process it is to claim back foreign VAT. Acubiz already have the needed data from our customers to claim back their VAT. Therefore, it is a clear-cut for us to make this collaboration and offer this solution to our customers.

New product videos
Acubiz has updated our product videos of Acubiz EMS and our apps. Now, they are aligned with the new updates regarding our latest Acubiz release. The videos are available in Danish and English at our website and at our Youtube channel – AcubizTV.

Inspiring days with release seminars & workshops
In the middle of May, Acubiz invited our customers to release seminars in Skanderborg and in Hørsholm. We introduced our new product upgrades in Acubiz EMS and our apps. Thank you for two inspiring days to the 248 customers who participated at the seminars.

Also, Acubiz held tree workshops on some of our services within our product Acubiz EMS. For example, a workshop about our latest service – VAT refund – and our upcoming service – Business Intelligence (BI). The main purpose with the workshops were to make sure that our customers profit by Acubiz – and to get inputs on how we can continue developing services customized for our customers’ needs.

Security above all
A high security level is important to Acubiz and our customers. We keep abreast of the upcoming ordinance within personal data in May 2018. Acubiz has a team with dedicated employees, who ensure that Acubiz accommodate demands and remarks.

Acubiz have an ISAE 3402 type 1 certification, which gives our customers an impartial guarantee of our customers security of information regarding Acubiz’ IT-operations. Next step is to get our ISAE 3402 type 2 certification.

Acubiz’ sponsorship for Danish athletes
Acubiz engages in sports, which is why we support several young talents at various levels within golf, gymnastics and trial. As a company, we want to help these talents to stay focused and develop.

Internal news
Acubiz has extended our organisation with two new employees. Tina Birkeslund, who is our Chief Accountant and Lone Tjustrup Olufsen in our marketing department.


Acubiz wishes a good summer!