2017 – New app with focus on user experience & new financial services

2017 – New app with focus on user experience & new financial services

Thinking of 2017 in Acubiz makes us proud – especially our 4 new product releases for the benefit of our customers. The fact that more than 24.000 new users from 145 new customers, which have chosen Acubiz as their Expense Management supplier in 2017, is an honor.

The accession of new customers represents different customer segments. Large, small, public as well as private companies experience the impact and value of our Expense Management service. This leaves a unique impression on Acubiz. An impression that the desire for and understanding of digitizing administrative processes has become a part of the mindset of most leaders.

2017 – Big news with the app Acubiz One

In autumn 2017, Acubiz launched the greatest news in 2017 – our all-in-one app, Acubiz One. The perception of the new app has been overwhelming and especially the user-friendly interface gets positive feedback. “With Acubiz One we focus on users and approver. The mobility of handling expenses, mileage, allowances and so on… on the go and in an all-in-one app which handles everything – create positive experiences for our customers. Making an app with a new and intuitive design have been top of mind. This is also the reason why we have outsourced our app development. We collaborate with an app-developer in Minsk with good understand to our product and business”, says Kristian Norrbohm, CTO at Acubiz, about Acubiz One.

Outsourcing the app development is a deliberate choice. “Acubiz should not be experts in technology – we want to use skilled professionals externally. On the other hand, we want to optimize the Expense Management process, and keep developing on our product for further improvement and efficiency“, explains Kristian Norrbohm. He points out that the development of Acubiz EMS will remain with Acubiz.

Services and partners with added value for EMS-customers

At the beginning of 2017, Acubiz launched the service VAT Refund, which is the result of a solid collaboration with Cash Back. “A total of 80 customers joined VAT Refund immediately – and interest in our help within foreign VAT reclaim is increasing,” says Kim Pawrup, CSO at Acubiz, about the welcome of the service.

Acubiz Business Intelligence is the latest financial service. It is ready to be launched in early January. The pilot project with many different customers has just finished in mid-December, and with constructive feedback, Acubiz is now ready to provide customers with insight into consumer behavior, cost trends and other valuable information.

In 2017, Acubiz has partnered up with Amesto Solutions, which deals with ERP, BI and CRM business systems. By the end of December, we signed the cooperation agreement, and we are looking forward to benefit of the partnership in 2018. Among other partners is ATPI to be mentioned. Together, we create integrated digital solutions cross booking of airline tickets and handling of travel expenses.

GDPR and ISAE 3402 Type 2 Certification

According to the General Data Personal Regulation (GDPR) which is valid on May 25, 2018, Acubiz has strengthened its efforts in handling customer data. In addition, Acubiz with a newly awarded ISAE 3402 Type 2 statement, can document that internal processes, such as Acubiz employees who have access to customer data, meet internal requirements. Over a period of 8 months, Ernst & Young has, unannounced, measured and tested our processes, which means that Acubiz can guarantee that everything is handled as it should according to the international standard.

Effective implementation

With the increasing number of customers and the continued growth in Acubiz, we have found it essential to optimize the implementation process. In addition to a major effort on the product front, we have made some organizational changes, recruiting new employees, not least to our team of consultants – “… all in order to streamline the implementation process and to provide customers with savings on implementation”, explains Kim Pawrup, CSO at Acubiz.

Significant growth and results in 2017

Back in 2014, Acubiz consisted of 14 employees. Since then, Acubiz has expanded the office, with a 55.1% increase in revenue also gaining a larger employee base. In 2017, Acubiz has a turnover of DKK 31.8 million and today Team Acubiz consists of 33 motivated employees. The pursuit of several new employees for Acubiz will continue in 2018. Two departments in Acubiz must find new employees to fill in 3 profiles at the beginning of the year. At the end of 2017 the Executive Board decided to appoint Tina Birkeslund as CFO. At January the 1st 2018 Tina is part of the Executive Board.

Focus on the mobile platform

Acubiz One is the first step on a major journey towards making Acubiz EMS 100% mobile. “In the future, users and approvers who do not use Fast Track, should no longer use their PC to send attachments for approval. The entire process for user and approver will take place in Acubiz One. It is only admin and finance roles, who have to use Acubiz EMS via PC”, explains Kristian Norrbohm, CTO at Acubiz.

A goal in 2018 is to upgrade Acubiz EMS with better and more intuitive features. The user experience of the browser-based user interface in Acubiz EMS will be optimized and streamlined for the benefit of the administrator and finance roles.

More customer benefits in 2018

Acubiz will meet 2018 with great expectations to deliver even better experiences for our customers. We want to create even better relations to our customers by expanding our product portfolio. Among other things, Acubiz will be looking for strategic partners, who will please our customers and individual users. Today, many of our customers use Fast Track, which makes it even faster and easier to use Acubiz EMS. Customers are also pleased to have Company Policy Manager attached to their Acubiz EMS for the purpose of conducting sampling and checking compliance with company policies.

Targets for 2018 and future vision

Acubiz has increased activities in Europe and in the Nordic region in 2017, including in Greenland and Morocco. “Our focus on the international market is also an area, we want strengthen  in 2018. By the end of 2018, we will have our own office in Sweden and Finland,” says Lars de Nully, CEO of Acubiz.

According to Lars de Nully, the company vision of Acubiz is that “Acubiz should be the preferred supplier of Expense Management. Therefore, this new year we are committed to positioning ourselves even more in the market. Acubiz will create new customer relations both in Denmark and internationally.With a major change process, including new teamleads for the departments, Acubiz is ready to set in on this – and the goal of creating happy employees, happy buyers and happy customers.”

It is with pleasure, excitement and motivation that 2018 has been kicked off in Acubiz. We wish all customers and business partners a happy new year!

See you in 2018!
Team Acubiz