22 years with digitization of business processes

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With a ‘goodbye’ to paper-based processes and a ‘hello’ to a more modern and digital process, the idea of simplifying travel expense processes remains the cornerstone of Acubiz – and it’s more relevant than ever.

Acubiz helps more than 145.000 users in over 30 different countries to achieve an easier work day by streamlining a very time-consuming process, where employees otherwise would have to keep track of receipts and expense transactions. It’s certainly no secret, that few people find the old school manual process entertaining. Acubiz’ automation of the expense process will in most cases imply that a company’s resources can be used more efficiently for other value-creating activities.
<h2>More innovative than the birth certificate prescribes</h2>
Within the Expense Management category, 22 years is a long time. And in this context Acubiz can be considered as an old stager. However, it’s only on our birth certificate that the age can be seen and felt!

At Acubiz, we are more innovative than ever before. We challenge status quo, listen to customer needs and respond to market signals. We are continuously developing our Expense Management Service with a fast pace. Let’s take our implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as an example. With this component in the solution, our customers gain access to intelligent and automated control functions, fraud detection and much more. This means that it becomes much easier to ensure compliance with rules and company policies. The workload for manual controlling of expenses can also be reduced. We can already see the positive effects of RPA among several of our customers, who experience both time and financial savings.
<h2>Focused rethinking continues</h2>
CEO and founder of Acubiz, Lars de Nully, always says that “change is the only thing that is certain”. It’s anchored deep inside the DNA of Acubiz, to be ready for change and to be dynamic. Both organizationally and in terms of product development.

Our first promise to the market is therefore that Acubiz remains focused and invests in further developing our Expense Management Service. The best knowledge of customer needs comes directly from the source. Our second promise is therefore, that we listen to the ideas of the outside world and our customers, embrace these ideas and develop them further.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed and been with us on our journey so far. Team Acubiz is as motivated as ever and looks forward to an incredibly exciting future.

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