Acubiz places 7th on the Top-100 list of ‘Best System Integrators’ in Denmark


In connection with their ranking of ‘Denmark’s Best IT-Companies’, Computer World has awarded Acubiz a placement amongst the 10 best on a top 100 list of ‘Best System Integrators’ in Denmark. Read more about the ranking in Danish on ComputerWorld’s website:

The ranking is based on a sovereign-score, which in short is founded on the companies’ finances, and thereby their performance. The following 4 parameters are assessed in the ranking:

  • How effective are they?
  • Are they good merchants?
  • How well do they use their resources?
  • How strong are they?

To read more about the 4 benchmarks used in the ranking in Danish on ComputerWorld’s webiste click here.

A high placement on the mentioned top 100 is a sign that the company has a strong foundation that focusses on growth, value and optimum solutions for customers with a pivotal need for integration between their systems.

Acubiz’ high placement can be attributed to the ability to meet trends and customer needs – especially the development of our SaaS-solution with app- based services weighs heavily. Strong, long-lasting customer relations are also crucial for the positive development of Acubiz.

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