800 new users of digital expense management

In November, Acubiz welcomed 12 new companies:

  • KAB
  • Beredskabsforbundet
  • Blue Town
  • Carnegie Asset Management
  • CPC – Center for product Customization
  • Danespo
  • Dansk Bygningskontrol
  • dukaPC
  • IFU Investeringsfonden For Udviklingslande
  • Rosti IT
  • Semco Maritime
  • Unicef

In other words, 800 new users face an every day work life with easy access to  registering their expenses and driving.

Not only first movers

Udlæg 2016

We see increasingly that the market is ripe to do something about the traditional , cumbersome and time-consuming process of collecting, reporting and having expenses approved.

However, not only time is at stake. So are money and transparency. 

In a considerable number of companies, a large part of the expenses must be passed on to the customers. Preferably in the same month of the expenditure incurred. Now, the success hinges on a streamlined system, to which the employees have smooth access. And most importantly – which makes sense.

Pick the low hanging fruit

If you set out to reduce costs in 2016, we can help you pick some low hanging fruit.

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