Acubiz and Nordea enter a strategic partnership

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No more missing missing or crumpled receipts and no more manual work with expense reports.

Acubiz develops a cloud-based expense management solution that automate and digitize the business process related to handling employee expenses. It is a solution that offers significant benefits for both employees, the finance department and the management in an organization. Acubiz has 22 years of experience with digitization of the expense process and thereby have a deep process understanding within the area.

Acubiz and Nordea, which is the largest financial services group in the Nordics, has entered a strategic partnership. This means that Nordeas Danish business customers now have access to a bundled solution with First Card credit cards and Acubiz’ innovative and tested software for managing expenses. The First Card payment cards are fully featured Mastercard credit cards that works across the globe.

Fully integrated

Credit cards and software are fully integrated, and this provides the customer with complete card spend control. Bookkeeping will also be easier through smart data export or integration to the customers ERP system. Furthermore, the receipts are stored digitally for documentation towards the auditing process. Finally, it is possible to upgrade with additional features such as time registration and foreign VAT refund. Everything is handled through user friendly mobile workflows.

“Many businesses can benefit from combining a company credit card solution with an expense management service. It provides unparalleled overview, insight and control for the finance department and the management. At the same time, it will give the users/card holders a much easier life together with massive time savings”, says Kim Pawrup, CSO at Acubiz.

“To an increased extent, our business customers ask us for advice regarding digital solutions for handling expenses. That is why we have bundled our Nordea First Card credit cards and the Acubiz Expense Management system in an integrated setup at an attractive price”, says Michael Vinther, Head of Corporate Sales at Nordea.

The partnership is live from today. Read more about the partnership (in Danish).

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