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We have just activated and launched “Acubiz Community” – a joint forum for users of Acubiz. The purpose with Acubiz Community is:

To build a community and forum where users of Acubiz can share insights with each other, find tips & tricks and discuss the use of Acubiz.

Many of our customers have, for some time, been looking for a place, where they can engage in dialogues with other users of Acubiz. This is interesting for them, since they would like to talk to others about how they solve a specific situation. E.g. how do you load accounting data to a daybook in the accounting system? Or how do you create a report on mileage records in Acubiz One?

We have seen these questions before, and we are more than happy to help with all the inquires and questions we receive from our customers. However, we see a trend, where an increasing number of our customers asks for self-service and places where they can find answers by themselves. Our Online Help Center is packed with articles and video guides, but this content is communication from us to the users. The communication in Acubiz Community is between users and that is what makes the platform unique.

Questions, answers and much more

In Acubiz Community, you can engage in dialogues with other users of Acubiz, ask questions, find answers and provide us feedback. It allows you to gain new knowledge about Acubiz and learn new skills within the use of either our web application or our mobile app, Acubiz One.

You can find Acubiz Community at in our Help Center. You must register as a user of the Help Center in order to ask and reply to questions. Register by clicking on “Login” and “Register”. You don’t need to be logged in to follow and read the conversations and content.


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