Acubiz EMS – Expense management from your desktop

Simple to handle and administrate for your finance department

Keep the full overview of the company’s transactions and expenses. Manages everything from approval from finance, data integration with your ERP-system and maintenance of users, dimensions and chart of accounts.

Save time with less manuel data input

Finance user

With Acubiz EMS, your finance department will have more resources freed up to do other, more important tasks than entering data manually.

  • Simple finance approval of transactions and expenses
  • Transfers data directly to your ERP-system
  • Clear overview of every single transaction
  • Module that updates the balance regularly
  • Quick search function to retrieve receipts in connection to revision

Admin user

No more manual processes and and additional data entries. Manage your Acubiz solution directly from Acubiz EMS.

  • Create and maintain users
  • Manage dimensions
  • Maintain your account plan fast and simple
  • Maintain allowance, milage, countries and currency (This can be done automatically)
  • All items can be controlled directly from your ERP-system through data import to Acubiz

Benefits for the company

The employee

With our mobile app it is easy to submit complete expense reports and single transactions for approval and accounting to the finance department.

This goes for registering of hours, allowance and milage.

The employers will be more satisfied and cost conscious while reimbursements will be done regularly and on time.


The finance department will have a full and clear overview. No more lost receipts and additional data registration as the reimbursements are done regularly.

The possibility of finance approval and ERP-system integration is only making it more simple to manage and administrate your company’s employee expenses.


Transparent, clear overview and a more accurate groundwork to follow up on budgets from.

When the interaction between departments and finance is seamless, it’ll result in happier and more satisfied employees.

It’s often reflected at the company’s bottom line which makes it more fun to be a manager.

Which solutions suits you?

We offer 3 different solutions: Acubiz Professional, Acubiz Small Business and Acubiz Corporate.

Choosing the right solution will depend on your company’s needs. Compare our solutions and read more about the single solution and what services that can be integrated to optimize your processes even further.

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