Travel expenses and single transactions in the cloud

No more crumpled receipts – Acubiz EMS makes Expense Management flexible, paperless and provides a real-time overview of employee expenses. Reduce your administration by 80% with Acubiz EMS.

Acubiz EMS automates the process involved in travel expenses and single transactions – from employee expenses to importing credit card transactions, hours, mileage and approval procedures.

We can integrate Acubiz EMS with all ERP and payroll systems. The solution consists of a cloud and our app Acubiz One, enabling you to manage everything on your mobile!

Digitalise your travel expenses and save time…

  • Cloud-based standard solution

    No installation, regular upgrades, secure hosting and fast support

  • User-friendly and intuitive

    Just like your mobile banking

  • Automatic imports

    All transactions – credit cards, brobizz and petrol cards etc. are automatically imported!

  • Integration with ERP and payroll system

    We can integrate Acubiz EMS with all ERP and payroll systems

  • Secure data management

    Data management with a high level of security