Acubiz One Expense registration and management on your mobile

Manage everything from out of the pocket expenses, corporate card transactions, travel expenses and expense reports to mileage tracking and time registration on you smartphone. Any time, anywhere! Acubiz One consolidates all features in one tool. It’s your mobile tool, when admistrative tasks in everyday worklife needs to be easier.

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Acubiz One Dashboard

Efficient registration and management

Save time and manual work

No more piles of receipts and time consuming boring work. Acubiz means efficient and simple expense management – from registration to approval, bookkeeping and reporting. The results are transparancy, insight and overview as well as benefits for both employees, approver and the finance department.


Acubiz benefits the whole company

Benefits for the employee

The employee

With only a few clicks, you can register, code and send single transactions, complete expense reports, allowance, time and mileage for approval. The app will help you secure that all necessary documentation and information related to your expenses is attached.

It’s time saving and easy, and you can handle all tasks on the go – be it at a the hotel, the airport, in the office, in a taxi – you name it.

If you have a credit card connected, your transactions are automatically imported on an ongoing basis – this gives you a full oveview of your expenses.

Fordele for godkender


It’ll be easier to be a manager and approver. Expense approval will be effortless and the employees will be much more cost conscious.

It is flexisible as you can approve or decline transactions on the go – you don’t even have to be at the same physical location, as the digital workflow doesn’t care about geography.

Benefits for Finance

The finance department

All the work related to expenses, mileage and time registration will be much easier for the finance department. No more missing receipts or insufficient documentation and no more manual data entry! You say goodbye to time consuming work with remind employees to send in their receipts. You’ll see a smooth transaction flow and no bottlenecks during monthly or quarterly closure. You’ll be treated with a better overview of expenses (even in realtime) as well as a streamlined and efficient process.

Adapt the app to suit your needs

Designet with the users in mind

Acubiz One is created with the end-user in mind, and the app comes with customization options. The app has loads of ingenious functionality and features, and you can personalize the interface through shortcuts and favorites such as:

We offer continous upgrades, fast and friendly support as well as secure data processing.

Choose automatic or manual mileage tracking

How it works

Acubiz One is our mobile app and digital tool for employees, and will come with your solution regardless of the chosen setup.

We offer solutions and services for handling employee expenses and all related processes in relation to Expense Management. Our solutions can be combined and your final setup depends on your needs.

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