Acubiz Allowance


Fast registration of allowance when you’re on the go. Acubiz makes it easy and simple!

If you need to claim allowances, you can manage them quickly and easily in Acubiz One. Simply enter the date, time and destination of your trip. Then tick the specific meals on your trip. Acubiz One adds up the total and sends it to Acubiz EMS. If you’re a Fast Track user, it is sent directly for approval.

Acubiz One makes managing your allowance much easier – and you can use Acubiz One any time, any place!

Your benefits using ‘Allowance’

  • Fast upload of meal expenses for Acubiz EMS

  • See your registration in Acubiz EMS and Acubiz One

  • Set up to national state rates

  • National standard rates

  • Easy registration via your mobile