Allowance - Fast registration of travel allowance

Easy registration of allowance with Acubiz One

The Allowance feature makes it easy to register travel allowance according to local national rates.

Allowance is registered with very few clicks on the go. You just need to type in date, time and destination for your trip and then send the allowance registration for approval and processing.

Travel allowance made simple

Simple and time-saving

Registration and calculation of travel allowance is easy and efficient with Acubiz One. The app calculate allowance based on national rates, and provide a precise overview.

The process related to allowances is transformed from being difficult and time consuming to become easy and fast and deliver benefits to the whole organization.

  • Fast upload of allowances through smartphone
  • Correctly calculated travel allowance
  • Automatic update of national rates
  • Full control over rates
  • Integration til all ERP systems

Effective expense management with Acubiz One

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Expenses and purchase on company credit card.

Acubiz One: Mileage

Automatic and manual tracking.

Acubiz One: Travel allowance

Travel allowance.

Acubiz One: Time

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Acubiz One: Approve

Single transactions and expense reports.

Benefits across the organization

The employee

  • Fast registration of allowance
  • Simple and time-saving
  • Correct calculations
  • Manage anywhere, anytime

The finance department

  • Solid data
  • Precise documentation
  • Overview of allowance costs
  • Configured with national rates

The management

  • Overview and insight
  • Transparancy
  • Happy employees
  • Cost conscious behaviour

This is how it works

Allowance is a feature in our app, Acubiz One, that allows registration of travel allowance. Your Acubiz solution must be configured to support allowance before the feature can be used. Acubiz One is the employees’ digital tool and is a part of your Acubiz solution. The allowance feature can be used with our Acubiz Corporate solution.

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