Acubiz Approve


Approve or decline single transactions or expense reports with your mobile. It’s easy, flexible and saves time!

With Acubiz One, kiss goodbye to piles of receipts. Approve or decline transactions, any time, any place! A few clicks on your mobile and 1-2-3, you can handle single transactions or travel expense reports, whether sent directly for approval with Fast Track or to Acubiz EMS. Get a clear overview of your expenses and relevant details. You can even view receipts directly in Acubiz One.

Acubiz One gives you quick, real-time overview and transparency, and the approval process can be done when it suits you!

Your benefits using ‘Approval’

  • Simple approval of single transactions and expenses

  • View receipts in Acubiz One

  • Overview of unprocessed expense forms and expenses when it suits you

  • Better control – the connection between the expense and the amount is clear

  • Approval flow on-the-go