Mileage – Your digital mileage book

Automatic tracking of business related mileage

The Mileage feature allows tracking and registration of business related mileage directly from the smartphone. Track and register your mileage automatically through GPS or via Google Maps. Mileage reimbursement is then calculated based on local rates. It is easy and mileage reimbursement is accurate. The feature works according to tax authority requirements.

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No more immense spreasheets for mileage tracking

Digital mileage records

It should be easy to register mileage – and it is with Acubiz One. The app is fully integrated with Google Maps and your route is registered automatically (you can also choose to type it). When your mileage is registered, it can be sent for approval right away.


Efficient Expense Management with Acubiz One

Acubiz One: Expenses

Expenses and purchase on company credit cards

Acubiz One: Mileage

Automatic or manual registration.

Acubiz One: Expenses

According to national tarrifs.

Acubiz One: Time

Registration of hours and absence.

Acubiz One: Approve

Expense reports and single transactions.

Benefits across the organization




How it works

Mileage is a feature in our app, Acubiz One, that allows tracking and registration of business related mileage. Acubiz One is the employees’ digital tool and is a part of your Acubiz solution regardless of the chosen setup.

We offer solutions and services for managing employee expenses and all related processes in relation to Expense Management. Our solutions can be combined and your final setup depends on your needs.

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