Acubiz Mileage


Automatic mileage registration with your mobile makes mileage handling as easy as 1-2-3.

The mileage feature enables you to instantly manage your mileage.  Acubiz One has an inbuilt GPS function, which means you can register your route while driving. The app is integrated with Google Maps, making it easy for you to enter the route manually. Once the route has been registered, it is uploaded in Acubiz EMS – or sent directly for approval with Fast Track.

Put a stop to multiple calculations and endless spreadsheets! The mileage feature from Acubiz One is user-friendly, flexible and timesaving.

Your benefits using ‘Mileage’

  • Simple mileage upload to Acubiz EMS

  • No further mileage registration needed

  • Valid data for tax authorities

  • Meets legislation of the relevant country

  • Certainty around your mileage

  • No more worrying about tax

  • Works internationally