Registers hours, flexitime, vacation and absence using your mobile. No more unpredicted payroll costs at month end.

Acubiz One makes your working day much more efficient when registering working hours, flexitime, sickness, vacation and other absences. With just a few clicks on your mobile, you can upload your hours and anything else directly to Acubiz EMS – any time, any place! Or send directly for approval with Fast Track. Acubiz Time is for companies who frequently employ hourly paid workers, temps and part-time employees.

The mobile time registration is user-friendly, timesaving and easy!

Your benefits using ‘Time’

  • Easy hour registration on your mobile or tablet

  • Simple registration of flexitime, holiday and absences

  • Simple reporting to the company’s payroll

  • Non manual spreadsheets

  • Ongoing overview of costs for hourly paid workers