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We’re really excited to announce a close collaboration with MenuPay – the world’s leading payment-, discount- and loyalty-app for businesses and their employee’s restaurant visits.

Together with MenuPay we can see many synergies between the services that we both offer our customers and users. That’s why we enter this partnership. Initially, the collaboration is built on 3 key elements:

  1. Better user friendliness Acubiz and MenuPay will develop a tight API integration between the two platforms. The integration will enable the users to handle payments for restaurant visits through the MenuPay mobile-app and the following registration of the expense in the Acubiz One mobile-app in one process.
  2. Increased value We’ll bundle our Professional and Small Business solutions with an access to the MenuPay platform, so that our customers and users can benefit from discounts on everything from Michelin to sushi at the more than 600 restaurants that MenuPay currently have in their portfolio.
  3. International collaboration Like MenuPay, we are currently expanding internationally. Together, we will explore the opportunities to further develop our services and offers to customers and users.

Customers and users in the spotlight

CEO and founder of Acubiz, Lars de Nully explains: “At Acubiz, we’re constantly focusing on developing our services so that they match the needs of our customers and their users. An increasing number of employees are using MenuPay to settle their restaurant bills and that’s why a close collaboration with MenuPay makes really good sense.” CEO at MenuPay, Kim Lykke Sommer, follow up: “We accommodate a request from many of our users, to make the expense handling even easier.”

We’re working hard on developing the integration between the two platforms, so stay tuned on the blog an our other channels for the latest news about this exciting partnership.

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