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What is an outlay?

If you are paying for something out of your own pocket that you later will get refunded, this is an outlay. It means that you are paying instead of the one who actual bear the expense until the money is refunded to you.

An outlay is also called an out-of-pocket expense. It often occurs in relation to work but it is the same if you are paying something for a friend because your friend forgot the wallet at home or just cannot pay right now.

If you use a digital tool to register employee expenses via your phone, you can save time and ensure a refund of the amount as soon as possible.

In this article we will focus on the business-related outlays. A few examples are:


You and your colleagues are taking turns on buying breakfast to the office, and you are usually paying with your private credit card until you get refunded the amount.

Office supplies

There is a need for some extra office supplies – pens, envelopes, etc. You will buy and pay for it yourself until you get your money refunded.


Your employers are paying your fitness subscription in full or in part, and this payment is done automatically from your own private account each month. You will get the amount refunded.


You are buying lunch with your own money in relation to business meeting until the amount is refunded.

Pros and cons with outlays

The advantages of outlays are that it is a quick way to get the things that you need in order to complete a work task or a workday. It is also easy because it is just as you should buy something for yourself – You know the routine.

The disadvantages are that these outlays can affect your own economy in different degrees. It is not the best solution for everyone, especially if there are several out-of-pocket expenses each month.

Outlays and company credit cards

More and more organizations take advantage of business credit cards. It is important to remember that if you are buying something on a company card, this is not an outlay because the company is paying even though you are the card holder and card user.

For you as an employee, by using business credit cards will mean that your private economy is not affected at all, and it will give a more realistic overview of your own monthly expenses.

From a organizational perspective, there are more advantages by using business credit cards.

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