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What is a receipt?

A receipt is your proof that you’ve purchased a product or service and it’s utterly important for consumers to keep them save. At the same time, a receipt is the company’s proof that a sale has happened, and the receipt must thus be used in the company’s accounts. You’re entitled to a receipt when you’ve bought something in Denmark. Many people tend to forget or lose their receipt and in most cases it doesn’t matter. But it might be an issue if the purchased product needs to be exchanged or refunded

A digital receipt works as documentation for a given purchase for both companies and private individuals. For companies, receipts are needed for bookkeeping, accounting and auditing.

Digital receipts are the solution to this, since you don’t have to remember what you’ve done with the physical receipt. A number of stores are already making use of digital receipts and companies can make use of different systems that can store their receipts online and thus make the accounting easier.

Are you in a company where you are using company cards or where you from time to time pays with your own money and later gets the amount reimbursed? If the answer is yes, it can be an advantage that the process is automized when it comes to transferring the receipt and purchase information for bookkeeping. This applies for both traditional paper receipts and digital receipts.

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We can help your company to a more automized process when it comes to registering, documenting and digitizing receipts via our mobile app, Acubiz One. It will benefit big parts of your process around Expense Management and will save you both time and money.

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