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What is time registration?

Time registration is frequently used in companies to register absence and working hours spent on a given project or assignment. For most companies, this is an essential part of the personnel administration.

Digital time registration can result in a better overview of the economy in terms of resource distribution, customers and projects. At the same time, you can avoid complex spreadsheets or schedules for time registration.

In other words, time registration is all about keeping track on what employees spend their time on and how much time is spent. The purpose of doing this vary from company to company. There are various systems and applications that can help with the time registration. The classic time sheet is still used in many companies, but digital and cloud-based time registration solutions is becoming increasingly popular.

Different types of time registrations

A time registration solution will typically provide access to holiday- and absence registrations – such as:

  • Holiday
  • Extra days and lieu days
  • Leave of absence
  • Sickness

Many companies invest in time registration solutions so their employees have the possibility to register exact working hours – that may be on specific tasks, cases, projects, customers etc. For companies working case- or project based it’s necessary that they can prove the actual working hours since invoicing often will be based on this.

The benefits of time registration

Time registration is beneficial in many ways. Among other things is the actual time consumption visualized and work patterns and the scope of the tasks/projects are made crystal clear in terms of time. This data is valuable for companies as it provides an overview and insight into whether the workflows can be streamlined. If 9 hours is used on a project that is set for 8 hours, it is relevant to look into what the employees have spent their time on, in order to find out whether or not it’s possible to reduce the time consumption with one hour.

A time registration solution enables companies to invoice customers with the exact hours – provided that another price hasn’t been agreed in advance. The solution will also make it easy for a company to register working hours on hourly paid employees like student assistants.

In many cases, a time registration solution can be integrated with the salary system. This makes the payment of wages easier, more automated and it saves the finance department for manual workflows.

EU Member States must require time registration

In 2019 the European Court of Justice made it clear, that Member States must require employers to establish processes which ensure that employees’ actual daily working hours are recorded. This is to ensure that both employee representatives and the working environment authority can monitor whether working time rules are complied with. The individual EU Member State can decide for themselves how the registration of employees’ working hours should take place. This has not been decided in Denmark yet, and therefore it is uncertain how the new law will affect Danish companies and employees in practice.

Digital time registration with your smartphone

With Acubiz it is possible to register time – hour based or project based – in an efficient and fast way on your smartphone via our app, Acubiz One.

It will give you full control over the finances of internal and external projects, clients, clients and cases, and at the same time save you from using complex spreadsheets or schemes.

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Time registration is getting more and more relevant for employers. We can help setting up the right solution to suit your needs. In that way, time will be released to spend on your actual work tasks. Contact us and get a demonstration on how it works.

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