Already 22 new customers in 2017!

Although the first few months of a new year usually issues a “low season” for new customers, we must realize that the number of new customers for January and February 2017 seems positive for Acubiz. 22 new customers have signed and selected our expense management solution. We are excited that our solution helps all types of companies whether they are a large or small company. Digital expense management is for everyone – and it is a pleasure to contribute with an app-based solution that makes travel expenses, mileage, etc. a lot faster and easier.

Our new customers are:

Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian
Gribskov Kommune
Titan Containers
Skov A/S
Contrast Company
Elma Instruments
ES Sport
Kentaur A/S
Clio Online
Mediq Danmark
Geodis Wilson
Pressalit A/S
Securitas A/S
Dacapo SE
Dacapo NO
On Robot
Ribe Jernindustri
Buch & Holm
Bahrain Pro Cycling