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Meet Acubiz: Frederikke from support

In this article, the spotlight is turned towards Frederikke Simonsen, who is Support Consultant and one of the first persons you’ll talk to when calling Acubiz.

The final break with expense reports

Many organizations have digitized the process. There’s just a paradox here, because many of the apps that’s available for managing expenses is based on the idea that the employee needs to do a traditional expense report.

A card revolution is coming

As of 14th September 2019, a series of new EU-issued security measures related to card payments, the so called SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), was planned to have become effective. However, the effectuation has been postponed, which I will touch upon in a minute. It’s still a good idea though, to familiarize yourself with the rules, as they will become effective at some point later.

Acubiz and Nordea enter a strategic partnership

Nordeas Danish business customers now have access to a bundled solution with First Card credit cards and Acubiz’ innovative and tested software for managing expenses. The First Card payment cards are fully featured Mastercard credit cards that works across the globe.

The CFO as frontrunner for the digital transformation

Throughout my 22 years of work with digitization of business processes with Acubiz, my mantra has always been: “change is the only constant”. In my opinion, it’s a major mistake if you, as a business leader, don’t actively respond to the changes that potentially can affect your surroundings and belittle the potential impact of technology.

Acubiz donates 15.000 DKK to Fonden for Socialt Ansvar

Fonden for Socialt Ansvar (The Foundation of Social Responsibility) function as an umbrella organization and runs five different social initiatives: Natteravnene, Bydelsmødre, baba – fordi far er vigtig, LifeMap og Familieiværksætterne.

Do something good for your employees

Besides benefiting the company, an Expense Management solution has great importance and advantages for the company’s employees. Different employee groups experience different benefits. This articles focus is the daily users of an Expense Management solution.

Compliance as a competitive advantage or a risk factor?

IT security, GDPR and data protection. It’s all words that is in frequent rotation across both the media and business landscape. But what is it? And how do you, as an organization, ensure that your approach to GDPR, as an example, is turned into a competitive advantage instead of a risk factor?