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Do your employees cheat with their travel expenses?

Yes, I know. The headline might sound a bit harsh. But fact is, that fraud with expense transactions is a real challenge for many companies. Most people know that it exists, but few know the extent. Grab yourself a good cup of coffee and read on. I will shed some light over the topic. How […]

22 years with digitization of business processes

With a ‘goodbye’ to paper-based processes and a ‘hello’ to a more modern and digital process, the idea of simplifying travel expense processes remains the cornerstone of Acubiz – and it’s more relevant than ever. Acubiz helps more than 145.000 users in over 30 different countries to achieve an easier work day by streamlining a […]

Help – my job will disappear!

Why is the biggest opponents of automation and process optimization those who think they know the most, even though they in fact know the least? I have worked with process optimization for more than 30 years and I’ve often encountered statements like: “we don’t do that around here”, “it takes no time” and “doing it […]

Robotics in finance processes?

Recently, I’ve been very interested in how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be applied in various finance processes. RPA is a quite hot topic amongst leaders in finance functions. Obviously, this has something to do with its potential to effectively automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and thereby enable the realization of significant cost savings or […]

Goodbye to 2018 and Hello to 2019

Customer focus 2018 has now been concluded and I can look back on a year with great progress for Acubiz. Our customers are in the very heart of everything that we do, and I truly appreciate and value the trust, loyalty and feedback that we receive through the relationships with our customers. This is also […]

Worth knowing about foreign VAT refund

Many companies fail to reclaim their foreign VAT – either because they forget it because they do not know that it is an option or because it is too demanding. Reclaiming your foreign VAT does not have to be a complicated process. Read more here as we look at a handful of frequently asked questions […]

This is worth knowing when it comes to travel allowance

Are you often on business travels, and are you in doubt of whether you are entitled to receive travel allowance or not? Or do you just need an easier way to manage and registrate of your allowances? Read more here, as we at Acubiz look through some frequently asked questions about travel allowance and let […]

Mileage documentation requirements

Do you need an overview of your fuel refund options? Read more below and become more aware of both SKAT’s requirements for your mileage documentation and on Acubiz’ solution for easier mileage registration.

Inbjudan – Acubiz frukostseminarium

Inbjudan – Frukost Glöm tråkiga utgiftsrapporter. Låt oss visa hur effektiva ni kan bli med godkännande av utgifter i realtid. Acubiz bjuder in dig till vårt frukostseminarium med focus på hur man optimerar din tid. Kvitto skanning och rapportering med telefonapp och godkännande i realtid. Våra kunder brukar säga att vi jobbar med att minska […]

Acubiz EMS R7.0 release events

On November 12 and 13, Acubiz hosted the second release-presentation for the year. It went down across two events in Zealand and Jutland respectively. Around 250 people spent a day with us, at the two events in Rungsted and Skanderborg. Acubiz has a relentless focus on adding value for our customers by constantly challenging the […]