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New customer: PMC Technology

60 users at PMC Techonology will now benefit from Acubiz EMS andall of it features, when it comes to doing the expense reporting -quickly and easily. Acubiz EMS is an automised solution that makesthe everyday easier to both employees, finance and management. PMC Techonology has also choosen to sign up for Capture, Mail-Inand Mileage – […]

Joe & The Juice automises their expense reporting processes with Acubiz EMS

Joe & The Juice has choosen Acubiz EMS to optimisetheir processes within expense reporting. With Acubiz EMS all expenses related to the employees will bemanaged through an automised and user-friendly workflow. Greatflexibility makes it easy to report all expenses ongoing and thiswith accuracy in accordance with documentation. Also, Joe & TheJuice has decided to sign […]

New Customer: ChemoMetec A/S

ChemoMetec has choosen to sign up for the use of Acubiz ExpenseManagement System – our web based EMS service that simplifiesautomise processes within expense reporting, when it comes toemployees’ everyday routines, ensures accury and compliance withdeadlines in the finance department as well as efficiency andtransparency to the management. The Acubiz Capture app as well asAcubiz […]

Louis Poulsen expands use of Acubiz EMS to Germany

Louis Poulsen has decided to expand their use of Acubiz ExpenseManagement Service (Acubiz EMS). Employees at Targetti Poulsen in Germany will now benefit from an expense management service that automises processes within expense reporting related to company-paid expenses. Acubiz EMS already runs with Louis Poulsen in Sweden and Norway. About Targetti Poulsen Germany Targetti Poulsen […]

New customer: Fujifilm Danmark

We welcome Fujifilm Danmark as new Acubiz customer and arelooking forward to providing employees with a our intuitiveweb-baset expense management service. In addition to Acubiz ExpenseManagement Service Fujifilm has decided to use Acubiz Capture andAcubiz Mileage – and we feel confident that all employees atFujifilm Danmark will enjoy the many benefits from Acubiz EMS. About […]

Arcon Solar optimises with Acubiz EMS

Arcon Solar has decided to streamline their processes related tocompany paid costs. With Acubiz Expense Management Service managingcost related to employees will be simplified and easily done – alsoAcubiz Capture makes it easy to upload and save receipts. We arelooking forward to providing the employees at Arcon Solar with anintuitive EMS solution that allows them […]

Welcome to SUN-AIR

With focus on optimising the processes related to expensereporting SUN-AIR has decided to sign up for the use of AcubizExpense Management Service. With Acubiz EMS employees as well asfinance at SUN-AIR will experience streamlined processes andthereby a simplified way of managing the company paid expenses. Welook forward to providing SUN-AIR with a web-based anduser-friendly Expense […]

New offline feature in Acubiz Capture 2.5 – avoid expensive data roaming and slow internet connections

Now, Acubiz Capture allows you to use a new offline feature toavoid expensive data roaming and slow internet connections, whenyou upload receipts to your Acubiz EMS solution. Whenever needed, you can easily activate the offline feature toadd your receipts to the ‘Transfer’ library in replacement of thetraditional instant upload to your Acubiz EMS solution.  Please […]

We welcome Sund & Bælt as a new Acubiz customer

With focus on streamlining the internal procedures for managingcompany-paid expenses related to the employees Sund & Bælt hasdecided to sign up for Acubiz Expense Management Service. Asimplified workflow will result in time-consuming processes, easierprocedures for approval and great transparency for the financedepartment zyban for smoking. We are happy to provide the employees at Sund &Bælt […]