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Every year, businesses miss out on large amounts caused by lack of reimbursement of foreign VAT – simply, because the process is difficult and time-consuming. Acubiz Expense Management is a 100% digital and app-based solution that automates the process for all types of enclosures belonging to any expense, purchase on company credit cards AND supplier purchases!

With Acubiz Expense Management Service (EMS), the VAT refund processes are automated, and the recovery are processed automatically by using the Acubiz app for expense reporting. Acubiz makes it simple and hassle free for a company to reclaim foreign VAT. No more time-consuming and complicated review of individual receipts or application on special forms, which must be sent to the authorities in the country in which, you apply for VAT refunds.

One digital solution for two administrative processes

A digital and app-based Expense Management solution eliminates paper-based and time-consuming expense reporting – and instead, provides you with an efficient on-the-go solution for managing cash expenses, purchase on company credit cards and vendor purchases. Quickly and easily register your purchase – regardless of type – by taking a picture of the receipt and entering necessary information in the app – all while you’re on the go. In this way, purchase and receipt are included in the automatic recovery routine that Acubiz provides.

To meet requirements established by the authorities in connection with a manual process for recovering foreign VAT, all receipts are processed individually to meet reporting of all purchases – a quite cumbersome process! BUT, with your Acubiz solution, these requirements are fully met, as Acubiz already has access to relevant documentation necessary for recovery of foreign VAT.

You can solve two difficult and administrative processes with only one efficient, digital and app-based expense management solution – and no longer miss out on huge VAT refunds!

When is the recovery of foreign VAT relevant to your business?

Foreign VAT refund is relevant, when you for instance have travel activities abroad. The amount of travel activities, for example in connection with fairs and conferences, is often large and therefore there is a lot of money to get repaid.

According to SKAT, you can recover VAT on e.g. the following types of purchases:

  • Transporting passengers
  • Fuel
  • Hotel stay
  • Restaurant visit
  • Admission fairs

Visit for further details in Danish.

It is the rules in the EU country concerned that determines, whether you can recover VAT. To get to know more about how Acubiz helps you to simplify the processes for recovering VAT read more about our foreign VAT refund service or give us a call on +45 70 214 215.

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