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Diana from Marketing at Acubiz

Meet Acubiz: Diana from Marketing

I think it’s exciting that we are making a difference in our customers working lives by making heavy and tedious workflows easier – everything else is simply a waste of time 🙂

Graphic illustration: The digital accountancy

The Digital Accountancy – Part 1

A dead straight and digitally based process in the accounts receivable department isn’t only reserved for large organizations.

Simpel expense management via app or desktop

Room to maneuver for the employees – with peace of mind

It’s a matter of trust, when a business chooses to equip its employees with corporate cards. How can businesses secure that the trust isn’t broken?

Register your mileage in a digital mileage book

Tax-free mileage allowance, digital mileage book and everything in between

…Therefore, I urge you to think one step further. Mileage registration is just one part of the whole Expense Management process and it makes sense to consolidate all components in one solution.

SaaS solutions and data security in the cloud

SaaS solutions and data security in the cloud

I’ve got 3 tips lined up for you, when it comes to security and SaaS solutions. The first tip is, in my opinion, the most important. It’s about trust.

Acubiz Community

Acubiz Community is live

Many of our customers have, for some time, been looking for a place, where they can engage in dialogues with other users of Acubiz. This is interesting for them, since they would like to talk to others about how they solve a specific situation. E.g. how do you load accounting data to a daybook in the accounting system? Or how do you create a report on mileage records in Acubiz One?

Tech trends 2020

Tech trends 2020

…But still knowing that there are humans behind the service, humans that you can have a dialogue with. A dialogue that doesn’t need to take place on all platforms like we have heard much about for the last 10 years through the concept of omnichannel. But a seamless dialogue on the right platform at the right time.

"Change is the only constant"

New decade – new opportunities

I’m quite confident that we’re on the radar in many places, qua our deep experience and expertise with expense management. We’ve had that confirmed many times during 2019, and I’ll take the opportunity the highlight a few of the good stories..