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I am extremely excited to present a new product today. During quite some time, we have experienced an increasing demand for our services from individual people. In other words, we receive quite a lot of enquiries from persons, who are looking for a simple method for handling business related expenses and mileage tracking. We are talking many different types of people here and counting both self-employed professionals and employees in different types of companies. As mentioned, the common denominator is that they seek an effective way to handle expenses and associated receipts as well as mileage. They will get that today.

Everyone can have access to basic functionality in Acubiz

For more than 22 years, we have digitized business processes related to the way organizations handle and manage expenses, expense reports and mileage tracking – or put in another way; for more than 22 years, we have been frontrunners within expense management. This is still the cornerstone of our business. But today, it is with great pride, that I present Acubiz Professional – a new app-based solution for everyone who is looking for an easier way to handle their expenses and mileage tracking. This is an app that everybody can download, create an account and begin to use.

Many people have business related expenses that they need to settle and get reimbursed for. And even though, that today, an increasing number of organizations puts a digital expense system at the employee’s disposal, there are still many professionals that manage their expenses, receipts and mileage tracking through manual and time-consuming processes. Now, thanks to Acubiz Professional, this type of inconvenient processes belongs to the past.

Acubiz Professional is basically for all people with a need for registering expenses and/or tracking mileage for whatever the reason. Obviously, the solution speaks a lot to users with travel activity. Hence, the solution will come in very handy for a broad variety of users, like for example self-employed, freelancers, one-man businesses, sole proprietors, start-ups, sales people, consultants, volunteers, craftsmen, chauffeurs/drivers etc. As such, the app will help people who operate on their own as well people who is employed in organizations that still stick with a manual expense process.

A couple of years on the idea board

Believe it or not, but it is several years ago, that we first got this idea. But up until now, we have been focused on developing and improving our solutions for businesses. This work will continue, but at the same time, we open the basic functionality in Acubiz to everyone who wants to optimize the time they spend on expense management. My dream is that no one should struggle with crumpled and lost receipts. This is possible with Acubiz Professional. By the way, a manual process around this is also a serious waste of time. Time that can be spent on funnier and more valuable activities than fixing expense reporting. And doing that will benefit our business life – across all types of businesses.

Simple and fast registration

Everything is handled through the Acubiz One app. The app comes with the great advantage, that both expenses and mileage can be handled in the same tool. Receipts are easily scanned and registered and mileage is tracked and stored automatically. Following this, it is possible to create reports and export these data. These reports can then be shared with others, so that reimbursement, approval, bookkeeping etc. can be made. For example, you can share the reports with a bookkeeper, an accountant, a boss, a manager or whoever you find it relevant for. No confusing mileage books. No crumpled receipts. No lost receipts. In return, everything is digital.

Acubiz Professional is free to use up to a total usage of 5 transactions/registrations (expenses/mileage) per month. For EUR 3.49 per month you get unlimited usage.

Read more about Acubiz Professional. Get the app on App Store or Google Play and try it out for yourself.

New Acubiz product setup

Along with the launch of Acubiz Professional, we have also implemented a new structure for our portfolio of expense management solutions.

Going forward, we will operate with 3 levels in our setup:

Acubiz Professional

Our new single-user solutions for individuals who want to digitize their business-related expenses, track mileage and report it.

Acubiz Small Business

Our multi-user solution for organizations that value intelligent work with their expenses and wants access to the basic features in Acubiz.

Acubiz Corporate

Our multi-user solution for organizations that value a supercharged expense management process and wants the option to add all features in Acubiz.

Our goal is that all businesses – no matter the type or size – gets the opportunity to digitize, automate and optimize their expense process. We aim to be the preferred Expense Management provider – for everyone. Read about our solution setup.

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