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Expense Management – Best-of-Breed or Best-of-Suite?

When you invest and implement new software and applications for your business, you’re probably also working through the classic consideration between these two different strategies:

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Acubiz donates 15.000 DKK to Fonden for Socialt Ansvar

Fonden for Socialt Ansvar (The Foundation of Social Responsibility) function as an umbrella organization and runs five different social initiatives: Natteravnene, Bydelsmødre, baba – fordi far er vigtig, LifeMap og Familieiværksætterne.

Acubiz Integrations

Integration of software solutions and apps – what to consider?

I always use to say: if you want maximal value from your investment in applications, you need to connect them to your other tools and systems where it is relevant.

Lars de Nully

Dear CFO…

As CFO, Head of Finance, Accounting Manager or something similar, you possess an important role related to the development of your organizations business strategy.

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How to make sure that every expense is being approved during holidays

The summer holidays are closing in and many managers and approvers ask themselves “how do I approve my employees’ expenses while I’m on holiday?”.

Happy employees

Do something good for your employees

Besides benefiting the company, an Expense Management solution has great importance and advantages for the company’s employees. Different employee groups experience different benefits. This articles focus is the daily users of an Expense Management solution.

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Compliance as a competitive advantage or a risk factor?

Compliance as a competitive advantage or a risk factor?

IT security, GDPR and data protection. It’s all words that is in frequent rotation across both the media and business landscape. But what is it? And how do you, as an organization, ensure that your approach to GDPR, as an example, is turned into a competitive advantage instead of a risk factor?