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Dansk Gastronomisk Union

Citat af kunde Acubiz is easy to use and I’m especially pleased with the app’s user-friendliness. That’s very important for our users. Chefs are very creative, and they aren’t used to deal with administration on a normal workday. They want things to be as easy and fast as possible

Gitte Vinther, Danish Gastronomic Union,  secretariat

Both the Culinary Team of Denmark and Danish Gastronomic Union has sky high ambitions, which is why they prefer an easy everyday life when it comes to managing their expenses and mileage.

Citat af kunde Acubiz is clearly one of the systems that has been easiest to implement and it’s also the most beneficial system for the entire organization.

Henriette Bjerg Persson, Head of Administration and Service at Alm. Brand

Alm. Brand estimates that the finance department saves a whopping two to three days per month by avoiding the manual typing.

Alm. Brand

Citat af kunde We have used the already existing logic in the house. The dimensions are for instance ‘player’ – ‘team’ – ‘match’ and then a choice of e.g. 10 target numbers. This makes it easy and intuitive to navigate within.

Bettina Holm Tange Jensen, Accounting assistant at DBU

An intuitive system was needed for many different users. Therefore, they made use of divided roll-out in the organization.

Citat af kunde When I buy breakfast for my employees I simply take a picture of the receipt and 10 seconds later I have registered all data.

Louise Østvand, Team Manager at KAB

The expense management process topped previously the list of borings tasks for the employees at KAB. Not anymore!


Citat af kunde It’s easy to see that Acubiz has been on the market for many years. The solution itself and the user-interface are good.

Jørgen Gosvig, CFO at Miinto

Miinto needed structure and overview cross-borders. The approval procedure and usability was a crucial factor.

Citat af kunde First you had to write down where you had been in your mileage book, and then you had to go home and type it into an excel sheet and send it to accounting.

Leif Mohr, Fire Protection Consultant at Dansk Brandteknik

Many kilometers on the road meant that Dansk Brandteknik started looking for a modern and digital solution, that could make it easier for their employees to register driving.


Citat af kunde With frequent travels and days starting at 6 in the morning ending at midnight, I have little time for expense reports.

Sune Kristensen, International Business Developer at Louis Poulsen

No more unpleasant surprises for the finance department. Now there is complete control and constant overview, and employees can get their claims faster.

Citat af kunde Det er en stor lettelse, at kontantkasserne er væk.

Karen Bitsch, Leder af Administrativ Service hos Slagelse Kommune

I Slagelse har de sat strøm til alle processer, som har resulteret i enkelthed og gennemsigtighed. De har også fået udryddet de traditionelle kontantkasser.


Citat af kunde Nu kan jeg til enhver tid få et øjebliksbillede af, hvad der er hensat til drift og afstemme i vores ERP-system..

Christine Ødegaard Edvardsen, Accountant hos Rosendahl Design Group

Der var brug for et intuitivt system til mange forskellige brugere. De gjorde derfor også brug af opdelt udrulning i organisationen.

Citat af kunde When I am at a restaurant somewhere in the world and paying a bill, I take a photo of the receipt straight away.

Brian Strømsted, Head of FM Business Solutions at ISS

Expense Management should be easy for the employees. It is now. Management is also benefiting from it.


Citat af kunde Al den tid vi sparer, kan vi bruge på det, vi hver især er bedst til.

Leon Beck Clausen, Controller hos Danpilot

Danpilot har fået øget sikkerhed og nøjagtighed i rejseregnskabet, og de er i øvrigt sluppet af med papirnusseriet, som de selv kalder det.

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