Visionary customers help us develop

Acubiz EMS is a living solution constantly developing with help from committed customers
at home and abroad – from a variety of industries.

A key component in Saxo Bank’s Navision implementation

Saxo Bank’s Head of Systems talks about the security he experiences using Acubiz EMS, and why they are so fond of the solution. After four years of cooperation, Saxo Bank rolls out Acubiz EMS along with Navision in all its countries.

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The employees must consider it easy

As the task of expense reporting is no employees’ actual job, ISS has made it a priority to provide their employees with simple and efficient tools to do it. The result of which is a system that meets everbody’s expectations,

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Wiser expense reporting

New and intelligent methods are in high demand at a time where success and even survival increasingly depend on a company’s ability to act efficiently. Coster Copenhagen, the fashion company, has found a simple way to save time and effort – every day.

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International roll-out

For several years, part of Louis Poulsen, has been using Acubiz Expense Management Services. Originally they wanted to get a better overview of the finances in terms of expense management and to save time. See if the requirements have been fulfilled and how.

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