Case story: Alm. Brand

The challenge

Back in 2014, Alm. Brand needed a faster and more flexible workflow for their expense management process. The finance department received expenses for control very late in the process, which was a huge challenge. The employee filled out a form, attached their receipts to it and got reimbursed from a cash register inside Alm. Brand’s office. After this, the finance department received the expenses for controlling. This manual workflow was problematic since the expenses were controlled after the employee had been reimbursed.
Because of the cumbersome process, the employees also collected their expenses to pile. This resulted in heavy workloads with manual typing for the finance department.

The solution

Alm. Brand uses the expense funcion in Acubiz One as a part of their Acubiz Corporate solution. However, they are considering using company credit cards in the future, which will result in an automatic match between transactions and expenses. Managers can easy and fast approve or decline expenses on the go with the approval function.

The result

Alm. Brand’s employees are excited about Acubiz because they can handle their expenses digitally and while on the move, without having to wait in line at the cash register. They barely notice that they disburse money on behalf of Alm. Brand, since it’s so easy to register an expense, get it approved and get reimbursed.

Alm. Brand estimates that the finance department saves a whopping two to three days per month by avoiding the manual typing. The managers at Alm. Brand are also very pleased with Acubiz, since they now approve their employees’ expenses digitally and on the go. Previously, managers had to physically sign each expense. This was timeconsuming and it often ended up as a lower priority task. Acubiz has changed the perception of this and the approval workflow is now fast, easy and digital.

All in all, it has resulted in significant time savings, better control of the approval flow and easier expense reimbursement for employees.

Our customers say Acubiz is clearly one of the systems that has been easiest to implement and it’s also the most beneficial system for the entire organization. It’s because everyone uses Acubiz. It’s one of the only systems we have, where all employees are users. And it has definitely been a success. My colleagues are really pleased with Acubiz.

Henriette Bjerg Persson, Head of Administration and Service at Alm. Brand


Customer: Alm. Brand

Solution: Acubiz Corporate


About Alm. Brand

Alm. Brand is a Danish financial group that was founded back in 1792. Today, they cover all the financial needs of their customers within banking, insurance and pension.

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