Much better travel and expense management

New and more intelligent ways to do things are in high demand and depend on the efficiency of the employees and of the organisation.

”I think we have cut back on the time consumption to one third of what we used to spend with the old-fashioned method,” says Chris Coster, partner and CEO in Coster Copenhagen, about the way they register expenses.

Coster Copenhagen have card transactions automatically imported into Acubiz EMS. On the basis of which each employee individually registers his or her expense reports digitally including relevant photos of receipts via their mobile app.

About Coster Copenhagen

Coster Copenhagen was established in January 2012 and is managed by Chris og Pia Coster. The company designs women’s clothing. The clothed is produced in the East and sold via 250 external shops mostly in Northern Europe.

In 2104 the company launched their own shop-in shop in Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen’s main shopping street.

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