With ISS World Services additional tasks must be simple

As the task of expense reporting is an addition to the employees’ actual job, it has been important to ISS World Services to make it as simple as possible. Which lead to the implementation of Acubiz EMS 12 years ago.

And Acubiz’ expense management system has become a popular solution with the employees to whom the hassle of expense reports is history. The managers too profit from the solution providing them with a simple and streamlined overview of the department’s current expenses and consequently allowing them to stay within the budget.

The succesful implementation is partly due to the fact that the financial department made sure that the management took ownership from the very beginning.

”The transition happens more automatically if the managers front the changes and explain why they are needed” says Vibeke Reuther from the finance department.


The built-in automation of Acubiz EMS makes the expense reporting simple, fast and effective and results in saved time in each process. It adds up, providing every employees with more productive time.

Also in the finance department they save hours. ”I do not have the exact number, but it is a lot. Instead of receipts attached to numerous paper sheets that we used to enter manually, the automation handles most entries automatically,” Vibeke says.

Vibeke Reuther also notices that the value of the digital system increases as ISS World Services implement more of Acubiz’ add-ons. A couple of years ago it was Capture and recently the company has implemented Mileage.

Real-time overview

The second, large benefit of Acubiz EMS is the handy overview. If for instance a manager needs to know what his department has spent on flight travels the previous year, it very simple to look it up in the system.

”It has become extremely simple to retrieve statistics. Which comes in handy in quite a lot of situations,” she says.

The real-time overview arise partly because the employees enter the expense reports on a current basis and therefore the reports do not stall for months. In this way, each manager can easily assess the number of travels, the department can afford for the rest of the year. Also it is much simpler for the manager to approve an expense report, as the digital photos of the receipts are attached to the matching transactions.

About ISS

In ISS World Services’ headquarter they employ close on 300 people in several countries. Travelling is part of everyone’s job description – the people in finance, marketing, communication and the managers.

Typically, the travels are headed towards the countries with company accounts – i.e. to most of the world. ISS operates in 50 countries on five continents.

ISS World Services use Acubiz EMS in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish and Dutch.

“When I am at a restaurant somewhere in the world and paying a bill, I take a photo of the receipt straight away. Prior to this, I have mark it with a C for Capture. Next time I see the paper receipt, I know that it is already in the Acubiz system ready to be linked to my expense report. The Capture app has definitely made my life easier. A fact which is not immaterial when you travel 180 days a year like I do.”

Brian StrømstedHead of FM Business Solutions, ISS

”Acubiz has some really good tools, that, one by one, help us out. So we are happy to see that the technology is in constant development and that Acubiz comes up with new solutions, which cover our needs, even before we realise them ourselves.”

Vibeke ReutherAccountant assistant, ISS

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