Case Story: Danish Gastronomic Union

The challenge

The most talented chefs in Denmark are training in Odense, which is in the middle of Denmark, since they come from all parts of the country. With a lot of travel activity related to trainings and competitions etc., the administration office started to look for a system that could handle the chefs many kilometers on the road and the associated expenses.

The administration office previously received many different expenses, which were submitted in various formats. At the same time, the approval workflow consisted of emails that flew back and forth between chefs and approvers. The workflows made the Danish Gastronomic Union’s Expense Management process cumbersome and confusing.

The solution

Danish Gastronomic Union use the expense and mileage function as part of their Acubiz Corporate solution.

The result

Acubiz has given the administration office a better overview and structure and the chefs has a user-friendly tool for handling their expenses and mileage. The expenses are also received faster because it is easy for the chefs to register, and they are recieved in a common format.

The chefs are in particularly happy about the user-friendliness of the app. Chefs are very creative, and they aren’t used to deal with administration on a normal workday. They have been very pleased that they are able to fast and effective register expenses and mileage.

Vores kunder siger Acubiz is easy to use and I’m especially pleased with the app’s user-friendliness. That’s very important for our users. Chefs are very creative, and they aren’t used to deal with administration on a normal workday. They want things to be as easy and fast as possible,

Gitte Vinther, from the secretariat.


Kunde: Danish Gastronomic Unionn

Solution: Acubiz Corporate

Website: (In Danish)

About Danish Gastronomic Union

The goal is to make Danish gastronomy recognized and loved. The Danish Gastronomic Union wants to give the greatest talents within Danish gastronomy a platform to improve their skills and create innovation in the art of food and to promote knowledge of Danish gastronomy – both nationally and internationally. The Danish Gastronomic Union must inspire a good food culture among Danes and increase interest in the gastronomic educations in Denmark.

Dansk Gastronomisk Union

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