Case story: DanPilot

Increased security in the travel accounts

DanPilot saves not only significant hours in the accounts department with Acubiz – they’ve also got far greater accuracy in travel settlements.

No more paper shuffling

When the Danish pilots travel ashore to guide Finnish cargo ships and Russian oil tankers through Denmark, it brings a lot of travel with them – not only on the water, but also on rails and asphalt. The travel activities is accompanied with travel expenses in large numbers. In DanPilot the number is 7.000.

“It’s obvious that it takes time. Or rather, it took time. We have chosen to buy ourselves from the paper shuffling and introduce a web-based solution instead. And we are already seeing the many benefits in the administration” explains Leon Beck Clausen, Controller at DanPilot.

Saves precious time

He emphasize that Acubiz is developed with a user focus that makes expense management easy for those with the expenses – ie. the 150 pilots that uses Acubiz One. The immediate benefits is the accounts department harvesting. In the old and manual system, there was a lot of work to do with finding the receipts and make them balance with the credit card invoices, petrol cards etc. It was time-consuming and gave rise to uncertainty and errors.

With the introduction of Acubiz, all travel expenses and credit card transactions comes  in automatically. And this has not only removed a great burden and saved precious time, but also ensured that registration is done correctly and on time, points out Leon Beck Clausen.

In addition to the time savings has the automation allowed DanPilot a better and faster overview of the total travel expenses.

“Now we can see all employee expenses as soon as they are incurred by our mastercard provider. This makes it easier for us to keep track of costs on an ongoing basis,” elaborates Leon Beck Clausen.

Vores kunder siger Everything runs automatically today. A smart thing is that Acubiz is integrated with our payroll system. That makes many processes easier. And the time we save can be used on more value-creating tasks.

Leon Beck Clausen, Controller at DanPilot


Customer: DanPilot

Solution: Acubiz Corporate


About DanPilot

DanPilot is an independent public company with its own board of directors under the Ministry of Business and Growth. The Danish Maritime Authority is the supervisory authority. DanPilot handles state pilot operations through Danish waters from any destination in Denmark to all ports in Denmark and the Baltic Sea.

DanPilot’s fleet currently includes 34 modern boats, which transports 150 pilots from their 17 pilot stations to customers’ ships. Anually number of pilotage: 18,000-20,000.

Logo: Danpilot

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