Case story: Dansk Brandteknik

A need for a modern and digital solution to manage expenses and mileage

Dansk Brandteknik had a need of a more modern and digital solution for managing expenses and mileage. Their choice of outsourcing and running it through Acubiz means that both employees and the finance department spend much less time on expense management.

Previously, Dansk Brandteknik used an old-fashioned mileage book and excel sheets for registration of mileage. The many kilometers on the road meant that Dansk Brandteknik started looking for a modern and digital solution, that could make it easier for employees to register their driving

From milage book to all-in-one solution

“It was not difficult to find someone who was good at handling expenses, but then they were not so good at handling mileage. It was not difficult to find someone who was good at handling mileage either, but then they were not so good at handling expenses. Acubiz could manage it all and that became the main reason we chose them, says Per Aggerholm Baltsen, CFO at Dansk Brandteknik.

Already now, Dansk Brandteknik can see the advantages of these automations. There have been a significant decrease of time spent for both users and administration. All in all, their employees are now spending less time on managing expenses.

It is especially the fact that work concerning expenses only needs to be done once. “It is faster to register your driving. It was double bookkeeping before. First you had to write down where you had been in your mileage book, and then you had to go home and type it into an excel sheet and send it to the accounting. Now I just register my driving in the app. So you save half the time”, says Leif Mohr, which is Fire Protection Consultant.

Vores kunder siger We had a requirement that the solution should be easy and simple. Everything we do around system implementations must help to support our business and our company DNA.

Per Aggerholm Baltsen, CFO at Dansk Brandteknik


Customer: Dansk Brandteknik

Solution: Acubiz Corporate


About Dansk Brandteknik

50 employees at Dansk Brandteknik are working to raise the level of fire safety in workplaces throughout Denmark. 15 employees work from the office in Søborg and 35 drive around the roads to make sure that the Danish workplaces are fireproof.

Logo: Dansk Brandteknik

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