Case Story: Rosendahl Design Group

A digital and automated solution gives significant time savings

Before Rosendahl Design Group joined the digital wave within Expense Management they experienced a challenge, among other things, with the time they spend on reconciliation. Reconciling one item after another was a task that took several days to get through.

Time for more valuable tasks

Rosendahl Design Group implemented some years ago a digital Expense Management solution. With this, they succeeded in lifting their Expense Management process and at the same time giving their employees a flexible and user-friendly solution for managing their expenses and mileage as well as optimise the approval flow.

The big difference was experienced by Christine Ødegaard Edvardsen when she was introduced, during an annual meeting with Acubiz in 2017, for the opportunity to monitor daily what is allocated for operation, what has been settled and not settled by the employee as well as what is expected to be billed during the month. Often, companies do not know the extent of employees’ expenses until an invoice is received. Only then, can all credit card transactions be booked. With Acubiz, they can continuously book costs, concurrently with employees settle their expenses or mileage in the app.

“Every month I save around one full day’s work by automating the reconciliation process,” elaborates Christine Ødegaard Edvardsen. A time saving that is more than what she dared to hope for – and which, she points out, is the result of a good collaboration and understanding of even the minor everyday challenges.

Cooperation and dialogue leads to benefits

When an administrative process is lifted with a digital and automated solution, it often result in a change process for the employees. Therefore, many companies choose to implement it step by step for the employees. Building a good relationship with the selected digital software provider should therefore be included in the checklist when choosing a supplier.

Rosendahl Design Group started with a standard expense management solution. Subsequently, several processes and details have been automated and lifted digitally – at a pace that matches their needs and challenges.

Regular contact in the form of annual meetings and good collaboration between Acubiz’s consultants and employees at Rosendahl Design Group leads to  benefits of even small adjustments. In this example, the detail of provision and overview has increased the job satisfaction of Christine Ødegaard Edvardsen as a single employee. She now saves 96% of the time she previously spent on manual reconciliation. The time released gives time to more valuable tasks which leads to a greater benefit for Rosendahl Design Group. At the same time, she gets a complete overview of outstanding amounts that has not yet been settled by the employees.

At the same time, the Rosendahl Design Group digitized the process of foreign VAT reimbursement, which has led to savings both in terms of time and resources.

Vores kunder siger It’s all served on a silver platter. Now I can get a snapshot of what’s set aside for operations and reconciliation in our ERP system, Axapta. It saves me hours of manual work. Personally, I can now focus on other and more valuable tasks – and not use so much time every month on reconciliation. My guess is, that I each month save about one full day’s work by automating the  reconciliation process.

Christine Ødegaard Edvardsen, Accountant at Rosendahl Design Group


Customer: Rosendahl Design Group

Solution: Acubiz Corporate


About Rosendahl Design Group

Innovation, creativity and respect for Danish design tradition – these are the key words behind Rosendahl Design Group. The ambition is to create new and sustainable design in the quality that Danish design is famous for – and at the same time protect Danish design treasures by rediscovering classics.

Rosendahl Design Group’s portfolio comprises eight brands: Rosendahl, Holmegaard, Lyngby Porcelain, Kay Bojesen Denmark, Arne Jacobsen Clocks, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark, GLOBAL and Juna. The common denominator is that these brands make everyday life more beautiful, create value for customers, embrace innovative design for homes and represent a number of Danish design’s beloved classics.

Logo: Rosendahl Design Group

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