Development trip to Altoros in Minsk

Our app development team has just returned from one week in Belarus. With -10 degrees at daytime the trip was quite cold. On the other hand, the agenda of the trip was warm and pleasant. Acubiz visited our partner within app development – Altoros. Vladimir is our Project Manager at Altoros and he is in charge of our Acubiz One app for IOS and Android.

“The purpose of this trip was to introduce our goal of Acubiz One in 2018 and to create shared understanding of the new functionality to be developed. In 2018, Acubiz will have a 100 % app-based solution with Acubiz One which users and approvers will benefit from. Our week in Minsk was constructive and positive with a lot of beneficial discussions about the upcoming features. The profit of the trip has been understanding of the new functionalities” says Mads Bach, Product Owner at Acubiz about their week with the team from Altoros.

Now, we look forward getting started – and to benefit our customers with the new features in upcoming versions of Acubiz One in 2018.