Employers can choose to pay tax-free travel allowance to cover the expenses associated with accommodation, food and petty acquisitions that naturally occur for employees when they travel in connection with their job. Allowances can be registered quickly and efficiently on the mobile with Acubiz.

Allowance in Acubiz

Expenses that occur while an employee perform their job must be quick and easy to register and manage. The same applies to allowances when the employee is on some sort of business travel.

  • 1 Tap the plus at the bottom of the screen and tap "allowance"
  • 2 Enter a to and from date, country, destination and, if required, a project
  • 3 Select meals for each day of travel
  • 4 Submit the allowance for approval by tapping “Submit”

Conditions for allowance

Certain conditions must be met in order to be entitled to allowances. Basically, the employee must be away for a minimum of 24 hours, it must be a documented business travel and it is a prerequisite that the employee spends the night away from home. You might already know all of this when you have landed on this page. If not, please contact us for further information or read about allowances on Acupedia.

Rates for travel allowance

Employees can register their allowance in full compliance with national rates in Acubiz. We keep track of the rates – and update them regularly – which ensures that the reimbursement of the tax-free allowance is correct. The allowance workflow is similar to the workflow of our other solutions: The employee easily register, in this case, allowances, the approver gets an overview and can approve it or reject it and send it back to the employee. Finally, the finance department can work with the digital data and ensure that the employee receives the allowance reimbursement.

When the process for allowance registration is easy and accessible, the likelihood of a correct travel reimbursement and fewer errors throughout the workflow increases.

Read more about allowances on Acupedia

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