Approval is acceptance of, or declaration, that something meets the necessary requirements. The same is applicable in Acubiz where the approver verify whether the employee’s registration of a given activity is correct and can be forwarded for further processing in the finance department.

Approve from your mobile on an ongoing basis and become independent of time and place.
Full overview and transparency between receipt and amount.
Simple or detailed approval flow – you decide.

Approval in Acubiz

The approval process should be simple. Therefore, you can approve or reject individual expenses, travel expense reports, mileage and time registrations as well as cost invoices on your mobile.

  • 1 Get an overview of pending approval requests through the dashboards red bar below your name. Swipe sideways to see the approval request(s).
  • 2 Tap approve/reject or go through the expense in detail by tapping the expense icon.
  • 3 Get a detailed overview and approve or reject. You’ll be asked to provide an explanation if you reject. You also have the option to change approver.

The user must be configured as an approver in Acubiz in order to approve and follow the above steps.

Automatic approval of expenses

Let the office, or software, robot help you with approval

The approval process, or parts of it, can be automated with an office robot. This saves time for the approver, while the company is certain that company policies are complied with. So why not make the approval even easier with an office robot?

We use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for this purpose. Our service, Company Policy Manager, allow companies to bookkeep certain types of expenses while others still require approval from a “real” employee. This can be configured in the Acubiz solution, where specific rules for employees and petty amount limits can be set up.

An example of automatic approval in a company

If a company’s employees make use of company credit cards and an employee confirms a purchase of a cup of coffee for DKK 25, which falls within the criteria for price and purpose that the company has defined within their Acubiz solution, it makes sense to send the expense directly to the finance department – around the approver.

An expense can off course also be sent for approval if the amount is high or the cost type requires an approval according to company policies. The company can determine different control criteria’s and spot check frequencies.

Approval flow as required

Life as an approver becomes a little easier with Acubiz on the mobile. Constant availability and high user-friendliness provide the flexibility and real-time overview that the approver needs in everyday life.

It is possible to configure a more detailed approval flow that can be dynamic depending on the bookkeeping entry or which dimension values is associated with the spend. An example might be an expense transaction related to a specific project, where the project manager is required to approve the expense rather than the employee’s immediate manager or usual approver. Acubiz can manage all sorts of approval flows.

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Product sheet: Approval (PDF)

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