Company card purchase

When companies choose to issue a company card to their employees, it can be used as a payment card for business-related expenses that occur when employees are doing their jobs.

Acubiz synchronizes transaction data from the users’ company card
Acubiz facilitates affiliation of required information and documentation
Acubiz delivers bookkeeping-ready data to the finance system

Company card purchase in Acubiz

Acubiz connects to both company cards and finance system and enables the user to prepare transaction data for bookkeeping – digitally, automatically and with all necessary documentation. We normally say that your company cards can “take care of the bookkeeping”.

  • 1 Make a purchase with a company card as a means of payment.
  • 2 Take a picture of the receipt and enter cost type and optionally other dimensions such as project or department.
  • 3 Complete the registration by selecting “company card” and send it for approval

The employee can also wait for the credit card transaction to come in or appear in Acubiz, whereafter the employee must document the expense with a picture of the receipt and enter missing information. Acubiz recommends managing expenses as they arises. That way, the employee does not have to process the receipt subsequently as it is automatically matched with the associated credit card transaction and sent directly for approval.

Automatic management of company card expenses

Work begin for both company and employee when a company-related purchase of a product or service has taken place. That is, work related to documentation of receipt, approval, controlling, enter into the accounts and accounting of the expense. All this work can be done either manually or automatically. The manual process is not ideal since the work of collecting documentation, entering information, controlling and more is time-consuming and often cumbersome for the finance and accounts department. The automated process, however, makes it possible to digitize employee-initiated expenses from the moment they arise to the moment they are booked.

It is easy and fast for employees to purchase something for their company with a company card. This way, the employee do not have to pay for a product or service with their own money on behalf of the company.

How to manage outlays, or out of pocket expenses, is also easy and similar to the way of managing company card expenses. The employee simply choose “cash” instead of “company card” when making the registration in Acubiz.

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