Company mileage

Many employees use their private vehicle or a company car for business purposes. With this comes a need for a way to register and manage company driving, and in many companies is the process managed with a manual or electronic mileage book.

Mileage in Acubiz

Digital registration of mileage can be done in two ways in Acubiz – automatically through a smartphones GPS or manually via Google Maps.


Automatic mileage registration

  • 1 Tap the plus at the bottom of the screen and tap the car
  • 2 Tap “Start trip” when you start your driving
  • 3 Tap “End trip” when you have reached your destination
  • 4 Fill in relevant information – purpose and optionally project or comment

Manual or digital mileage book

The traditional and manual mileage book is often tied up on an excel sheet where the employee enter information and forward it to the finance department, which then has to process it manually. There are few things to enter manually in Acubiz One. This includes the purpose, date and start and end addresses. When this is typed in, the mileage registration is pretty much handling itself. The finance department receives all data electronically and can export the valid and necessary data to document the mileage reimbursement, both towards the Tax authorities and to a salary system.

What is mileage allowance?

Most companies pay tax-free mileage allowance to employees for business related mileage, driven in their own vehicle. Mileage allowance helps covering some of the costs related to the vehicle – such as gas, maintenance, depreciation, insurance, vehicle tax etc.

Are the rates updated automatically?

Mileage allowance is calculated according to the tax authorities’ fixed rates. The rate of mileage allowance varies at 20.000 km per year in Denmark. In 2021, a tax-free payment of DKK 3.44 per km will be paid. If the employee drives more than 20,000 km per year, the rate for the excess part is DKK 1.90 per. km. Acubiz can supports and keeps the rates up to date.

Read more about mileage tax deduction on Acupedia

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