Project hours

Project hours refer to working hours used on individual or several different projects or cases. Visualization of project hours gives the company a much better overview of the time spent on projects. The purpose of doing this varies from company to company.

Overview and structure of projects and cases
Documentation of working hours spent on projects and cases
Perfect for project based or case based organizations

Project hours in Acubiz

Companies have different needs and requirements for a time registration solution that can manage project hours. Therefore, our solution, Acubiz Time is built around two modules: Acubiz Time Basic for basic time registration and Acubiz Time Advanced for a detailed registration of time consumption.

  • 1 Tap the Time icon (the clock) at the bottom of the app or tap the plus and then “time registration”.
  • 2 Select the relevant time registration category (either an overall project category or an individual project)
  • 3 Select either number of hours or days depending on the category and the company’s setup.
  • 4 Send for approval by tapping “Ready”

Acubiz Time Basic can be used by companies working project- or case oriented, but Acubiz Time Advanced is preferable in these cases, since it create a much better overview and structure. It is possible to export reports on the time consumption.

Project and case based companies

For companies working project- or case based, it is a necessity to demonstrate the hours used on the projects or cases as invoicing often is done based on this. The actual time consumption is made visible when you register hours. It is relevant to investigate and examine what the employee has spent time on if 12 hours is used on a project that was scheduled to 10 hours. Either to find out if it is possible to reduce the time consumption or if the agreed time on the project should be raised next time. Either way, Acubiz Time enables companies to invoice their customers accurately – provided that a fixed price has not been agreed in advance.

Acubiz Time Advanced is a clear-cut solution for companies working case- or project based. The module is based on a weekly time report structure

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