Time registration

Time registration is, as the name indicates, registration of time or hours. In this context, it’s about registration of working hours. Time registration provide overview and can help keep track on what employees spend their time on and how much time is spent.

Digital time registration on the mobile
Visualize the scope of work tasks
Overview of actual time consumption

Registration of working hours in Acubiz

Companies have different needs and requirements for a time registration solution. Therefore, our solution, Acubiz Time is built around two modules: Acubiz Time Basic for basic time registration and Acubiz Time Advanced for a detailed registration of time consumption.

  • 1 Tap the Time icon (the clock) at the bottom of the app or tap the plus and then “time registration”.
  • 2 Select the relevant time registration category (internal meetings, training, education, sales time etc.).
  • 3 Select either number of hours or days depending on the category.
  • 4 Send for approval by tapping “Ready”

No more manual time sheets

Classic and digital time registration

Many student assistants or part-time employees paid by the hour have tried to register their hours on a classic time sheet. This involves a lot of manual work, but a digital time registration solution can make everyday life easier for both the employee, the approver and the finance department. With a digital time registration solution, you can register your hours anytime and anywhere.

An automated time registration process

The employee can register hours digitally each day or after a week. The manager approve digitally as well, and the finance department can import the data to the company’s salary system.

All in all, a more automated process that minimize the risk of errors and saves time.

Visualize the scope of work tasks

Many companies invest in a time registration solution so their employees can register their exact working hours – that may be on specific tasks, cases, projects, customers etc.

The actual time consumption is visualized, and work patterns and the scope of the tasks/projects are made crystal clear in terms of time. This data is valuable for companies as it provides an overview and insight into whether the workflows can be streamlined.

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