Vacation and absence

Vacation- and absence hours refer to the days or hours that an employee is absent from the workplace due to vacation, extra vacation days, care days, leave, sick days or other absence.

Time-saving for employee, approver and Finance
Data export directly to finance and salary systems
Minimize error risks and increase overview

Vacation and absence in Acubiz

Companies have different needs and requirements for a time registration solution that can manage absence and vacation. Therefore, our solution, Acubiz Time is built around two modules: Acubiz Time Basic for basic time registration and Acubiz Time Advanced for a detailed registration of time consumption. How to register vacation and absence in Acubiz Time:

  • 1 Tap the Time icon (the clock) at the bottom of the app or tap the plus and then “time registration”.
  • 2 Select the relevant time registration category (sickness, child’s first day of sickness, vacation, extra vacation days).
  • 3 Select either number of hours or days depending on the category and the company’s setup.
  • 4 Send for approval by tapping “Ready”

Streamlining the wage administration

Directly export to economy and salary system

A digital time registration solution that can manage vacation and absence eases the wage administration. Acubiz is integrated with the company’s ERP and salary systems and it is therefore possible to export data from Acubiz Time and import it directly into the systems. The data can also be used for business analysis.

Thus, the manual data entry is reduced significantly and the whole process is completely digital and much more automated.

A simple workflow for registering vacation and absence

The workflow when managing vacation and absence in Acubiz Time is simple. The employee register vacation, sickness etc., the approver review it and can either approve or reject, after which the finance department can continue working with the data. A workflow similar to the workflow in our other solutions: Acubiz Expense, Acubiz Mileage and Acubiz Invoice.

Drop the spreadsheet and control vacation and absence

Employee’s absence is just as important to keep track of as their attendance. Absence is a completely natural part of an employment relationship and it is therefore important to control and have overview over the employees’ vacation and absence – both planned and unplanned. Many companies are still making use of excel sheets, where the employee enter vacation and absence manually and send it to the finance department. If the excel sheet are being updated, it provides a tolerable overview but it increases the risk of typing errors, it is time-consuming, it does not provide a full and complete overview and it is not possible to lift data directly from the excel sheet to the company’s ERP and salary systems.

Employees can register their working hours, project hours etc., and all types of time registrations can therefore be done in Acubiz Time.

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