Financial Year 2017 – Growth on all fronts!

Acubiz growth 2017

Acubiz has just finished annual financial statement for 2017. Again, we see a positive progress with growth of approximately 30%. Growth reflects a year with notable customer intake as well as news in our product portfolio such as the Acubiz One app, which was launced in november.

Recent years, Acubiz has achieved a significant growth, and the 2017 financial year was no exception. Acubiz achieved a revenue of DKK 29 million against DKK 22 million in 2016. This is equivalent to a growth of 30% against 16% in 2016 and 12% in 2015. Growth is seen not only in an economic perspective but also in the number of new customers and sold solutions. With 122 sold solutions and 22,000 new users, Acubiz ends 2017 with more than 140,000 users.

“The positive financial statement for 2017 can in particular be ascribed to the notable customer intake as well as the interest shown from new customers. Also, the fact that our exicting customers are extending the use of their Acubiz solutions has an impact. Simply, they find out how easy and efficient it allows them to handle their expenses”, Tina Birkeslund (CFO at Acubiz) says.

Focusing on the growth potential and clearly defined objectives of the years to come, Acubiz has extended the number of employees the last few years. By the end of 2017 Acubiz had 33 decicated employees, which is a doubling af the number of employees in 2014.

“Due to the customer intake, we also experience a growth internally – this imply that we need to be more employees to perform the tasks that follows, Tina Birkeslund says.

New initiatives characterise 2017

2017 was the year in which the journey towards the personal data regulation was intensified. However, the resource costs of GDPR did not get in the way of the economic or innovative expansion in Acubiz. The biggest news was our all-in-one app, Acubiz One, which both enhances user-friendliness and supports Acubiz’ goal towards Mobile First. Also, Acubiz announced the cooperation with Cash Back and launched the service within foreign VAT refunds to create added value and savings for Acubiz’ customers.

Exciting future prospects

New initiatives will have en great inpact on the coming year in Acubiz – and in 2018 we have already signed new agreement partnerships as well as product development will be a key point in our focus in the market and towards customers. At the year’s first release, Acubiz announced two new product news – Travel Management Service and Invoice Management Service. These two new services allows our customers to book business trips and handle vendor invoices directly with Acubiz, respectively.

“When starting new initiatives, we always focus on how to create value to our customers, as our business is concetrated on happy customers. This is a decisive factor for our bottom line figures”, Tina Birkeslund says, and she points out that Acubiz is highly focused on developing and streamlining the business and employees to be able to meet future demands.