Goodbye to 2018 and Hello to 2019

Customer focus

2018 has now been concluded and I can look back on a year with great progress for Acubiz. Our customers are in the very heart of everything that we do, and I truly appreciate and value the trust, loyalty and feedback that we receive through the relationships with our customers. This is also why I am both humble and proud of the fact that, over the past year, a total of 150 new customers have chosen Acubiz as their preferred partner within expense management services. Consequently, our base of customers and users as well as our total business has seen significant growth once again.

Innovative solutions

Our strong customer relationships are continuously fueling the development of our solutions and services. This gets very tangible, when I look at the new offerings that we have launched in 2018. To highlight a few, I can mention the many new features in the Acubiz One app and the related push towards a mobile first approach when it comes to handling expense management tasks. Also, our innovative Invoice Management Service deserves a mention. They all provide our customers with the opportunity to explore new areas for process automation and enable them to harvest on additional efficiency benefits.

A strong organization

At the organizational plan, we have staffed up in both Sweden and Finland in order to strengthen our foundation for growth in these markets. We are also very aware of the need to be agile and adaptable in an ever-changing world. Therefore, we continuously adjust our organizational setup, so that we, at any given point in time, can deliver services that are fit to market demands – in a quality that we can be proud of. This approach will also secure that we will keep delivering on our promise; happy buyer – happy lifetime customer. I am confident that we stand in a favorable position to bring our expense management solution to the next level and to continue our positive development as a company.

The new year

2019 will bring plenty of opportunities, but also plenty of challenges. Our technology driven industry is characterized by fast paced developments. Moving forward, we will continue to put our customers at the center of all our activities – both in terms of service delivery and feedback but also in terms of challenging status quo. Consequently, the coming year will bring heavy investments in our platform and in our services – including new concepts for credit card services, individual customer groups, consultancy services around process optimization and further push for increased automation of finance and administrative tasks by developing our Company Policy Manager and the robotics and AI capabilities within our solution. I can hardly wait to share more details with you as we progress through 2019 – so stay tuned!


As a concluding note, I can say that we retain a tireless focus on our goal to be the preferred supplier of Expense Management. And remember that change is the only thing that is certain!


Best wishes for a prosperous 2019

Lars de Nully

CEO & Founder