Highlights from Acubiz Summit 2019

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Over two days, close to 400 finance professionals chose to join Acubiz Summit 2019. This is a new record for us, and it shows that our expense management solution is an essential tool for our customers. We are overwhelmed with the massive attendance and the valuable feedback we got.

Our founder and CEO, Lars de Nully, kicked off the days presenting highlights of the past year as well as the overall direction for the future. Lars was both impressed and proud with the attendance:

– Our customers are a huge source of inspiration and this is why we love these days. They give us so many great ideas and feedback that we bring back to our development lab. We have hosted these events since 2012 and will continue to do so in the future. I’m proud that so many customers chose to spend a whole day with us.

A future with new technologies for Finance

Casper Oxlund-Mariegaard from the consulting firm Basico was the next presenter on stage. He gave his view of “the future of the finance department”, where he argued that the workload on finance departments will remain the same in the future.

However, the work will be different and to a greater extent characterized by new technologies such as software robots that will take care of the more tedious and repetitive tasks. Employees in finance departments needs to embrace this. It will give employees more time for other- and more value-adding tasks, which ultimately is more beneficial for the company.

News from Acubiz

Afterwards, our CTO, Kristian Norrbohm, presented new features in both our mobile-app, Acubiz One, and our web-app. He also unveiled some of our thoughts regarding the technological direction at Acubiz. After lunch the participants were presented with “The Acubiz Way”, which is our best practice methodology on how to manage employee expenses in the most effective way.

Fewer boring work tasks

One of the participants were Karina Fjorting from Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor. She has attended the events since 2012 and felt inspired once again:

Karina Fjorting Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor was interviewed at Acubiz Summit at Rungstedgaard

– I really like to join these events. Lars is first of all absolutely fantastic at presenting the product. But the events are also characterized by a lot of innovation, and I feel that Acubiz is listening to us in finance. They also listen to the things that we bring from our users.

– I believe that we, in finance, in the future will focus on other tasks and help our company in other areas than we are used to. Traditionally, we have been focused on the end result and being in control. We should probably begin to let go of some of the control and embrace the new technologies that can help us automate the boring tasks, so that we can concentrate on more value-adding tasks.

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