How to make sure that every expense is being approved during holidays

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The summer holidays are closing in and many managers and approvers ask themselves “how do I approve my employees’ expenses while I’m on holiday?”. Likewise, employees ask “how do I get my expenses and business-related mileage reimbursed while my boss is on holiday?”. The struggle is real, but the solution is simple and quick: Turn on the ‘Out of Office’ feature in Acubiz One.

This is how you do it:

  1. Go to settings through the menu
  2. Select “Out of Office” under the “General” tab
  3. Activate the function
  4. Select new approver and choose dates
  5. Press “save”’

It’s possible to choose another approver from the list of approvers that has been set up in the company’s solution. The chosen approver will then be responsible for approving the employees expenses during the chosen period.

It’s frustrating for the employees to wait several weeks to get expenses, mileage etc. reimbursed because their manager is on holiday. For some employees this can involve large amounts. For the finance department it can create discrepancies in budgets if expenses for one month are handled the following month.

Make everyone happy by using the Out of Office feature in Acubiz One.

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