Implementation – from Nuuk to Tangier

In October, our implementation consultant Ewa Halling got busy. First to Greenland – the week after to Morocco. In both cases, two new customers should be launched with our Expense Management solution Acubiz EMS.

“It has been really fun to implement our solution in two widely different organizations, and two so different places in the world. Great to confirm that our Expense Management solution is so standardized that it does not make any difference whether in Nuuk or Tangier – at a private or public company. The implementation process takes one and a half days, and so are the customers in the air, says Ewa Halling.

Acubiz EMS is a standard solution that is “global” and “local” at the same time. Today, our solution is used in more than 33 countries, but supports local laws and is available in 32 languages.