We integrate with the various tools and systems that are relevant to your business. Right from company cards, financial and salary systems etc.
Our integration options are divided into four main groups:

Company card

Connect your company credit cards with Acubiz

Finance systems

Integrate your company's finance system with Acubiz.

Salary systems

Integrate your company's salary system with Acubiz.


Connect your company's other tools with Acubiz.

What is integrations?

Software integrations will make sure that different individual software solutions, systems or applications are interconnected. Integrations are set up to automate the exchange of data between two or more systems. It saves time and resources as well as provides the opportunity to exchange data in real-time, all of which helps increase efficiency and productivity for a business as well as the employees.

It is possible to set up both one-way and two-way integrations. A one-way integration refers to a process where data flows from one system to another, while a two-way integration lets data flow both ways.

If you are considering an investment in new systems or applications, always remember to explore their integration options with your existing system landscape.

Acubiz is particularly focused on integrations to company cards as well as finance, salary and payroll systems. These integrations will provide the best user experience with Acubiz. In addition, we can integrate with petrol companies, telecommunications companies, travel agencies and many more. It allows you to get the most out of your investment while making everyday life easier for employees.

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