Integrations - get the full benefit from Acubiz

Integration to banks, credit cards, ERP and salary systems etc.

Connect Acubiz to the other business tools and systems that you use, in order the get the most from your investment. Apart from credit card providers, banks, ERP and salary systems, we also integrate with gasoline suppliers, telecoms operators, business travel agencies and many more.


Integration with banks and credit cards

Automatic transaction import to Acubiz

Have bank and credit card data synchronized directly to Acubiz. It’ll equal less manual work and minimal errors due to manual entry. A full expense report can be handled in less than 5 minutes.

Receipts that are registered through Acubiz One are automatically matched with the corresponding credit card transactions and are visible within 24 hours. Following this, the transactions are sent to approval.

Acubiz is vendor independent. It doesn’t matter which bank or credit card supplier your business has. If your busines have multiple credit card suppliers, for example across entities i different countries, we can also handle this.

We integrate with the VISA, Mastercard and American Express networks on a global scale. In addition, we have direct integrations with the largest banks in Scandinavia.

  • 80% of all expenses are registered and accounted automatically
  • Save time by avoiding manual data entry
  • Credit card transactions are visible within 24 hours
  • Let your company cards handle your expense management and bookkeeping. Learn how.
  • Send transactions directly for approval with Fast Track
  • We're vendor independant
Acubiz integration: VISA
Acubiz integration: Handelsbanken
Acubiz integration: Mastercard
Acubiz integration: Sydbank
Acubiz integration: Bank Connect
Acubiz integration: Danske Bank
Acubiz integration: Diners Club
Acubiz integration: American Express
Acubiz integration: Jyske Bank
Acubiz integration: First Card
Acubiz integration: Nordea
Acubiz integration: Eurocard
Integration med Nykredit
Integration med Spar Nord

Integration with ERP and salary systems

Automatic export from Acubiz

When the integration is configured, automatic data synchonization will result in substantial savings of manual work hours. An integration require little information and can be set up quickly.

We work with the leading ERP and salary system vendors, but can integration to any given system.

  • Integration to any given system
  • Two-way integration
  • Storage of digital images
  • Optional add-on services
Acubiz integration: Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Acubiz integration: Microsoft Dynamics AX
Acubiz integration: Danløn
Acubiz integration: Bluegarden
Acubiz integration: Visma
Acubiz integration: SAP
Acubiz integration: Visma e-conomic
Acubiz integration: Unik
Acubiz integration: Lessor
Acubiz integration: Proløn
Two-way integration

It’s possible to both import and export data to and from the solution. It allows for easy maintenance of users and financial dimensions as well as easy data export for accounting purposes.

Import data i typically financial dimensions, accounting charts and employee master data.

Export of data for accounting purposes covers accounting data for financial system and potentially also creditor systems with correct dimensioning of travel costs. This also cover data for payroll systems with the correct types, rates and amounts.

Once the data is received, we can set up the integration. The integration can be configured either as an FTP/SFTP data exchange (CSV or CML file exchange), where the accounting file is created automatically or as a web service data integration.

Storage of image files

The images or your receipts, that are captured through the Acubiz One app are located on our servers and we create a link to each attachment. In this way, the ERP system can retrieve the image file at entry level.

Standard file export

It’s also possible to set up data integration, for example of accounting data, through a standard file export, that’s manually uploaded to an ERP or salary system.

Extra services

It’s possible to add different services for the integration setup.

  • Automatic transfer to ERP
  • Transfer of image files to own server through FTP/SFTP
  • Transfer of accounting files by e-mail

In addition, we offer related add-ons, such as multi-lingual accounting charts, dimension-controlled accounting and cost split on dimensions. We aim to offer the best complete Acubiz experience and customize it from solution to integration in order to match your requirements, thereby enabling you to maximize your benefits.

Other integrations

Integrations all the way

To make everyday life even easier for your company’s employees, we also offer integrations with other suppliers and vedndors, where it’s relevant to exchange data related to expenses. Telecom operators, fuel and petrol companies, parking, taxi operators etc. As an example, it’s possible to split aggregate bills from these types of suppliers to respective employees for registration and approval in an expense process.

Deep integration across tools and vendors gives your business increased insight and control over spending.

  • Telecoms operators (internet and cell)
  • BroBizz
  • Fuel and petrol companies
  • Parking
  • Leasing
  • MenuPay
  • Business travel agencies
Acubiz integration: Telenor
Acubiz integration: TDC Erhverv
Acubiz integration: Brobizz
Acubiz integration: Menupay
Acubiz integration: VR Travel
Acubiz integration: ATPI

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